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Lead Generation

Noble Systems offers powerful technology solutions for Lead Generation programs that can help you increase your contact rates, enhance efficiencies, and streamline program management. Noble gives you the tools to expand agent productivity, use resources more effectively, make program modifications, view list and campaign performance, monitor system activity, and deliver improved results.

Our Lead Generation users enjoy the advantages of Noble Systems' many features that meet the specific needs for finding new leads. You will be able to improve list penetration and make more contacts, create and modify campaigns and scripts, and capture new lead information quickly with our advanced tools for Predictive Dialing, IVR & Outbound Messaging, Digital Recording, Custom Scripting, List Management, Software Integration, and more.


  • Predictive Dialer with 8 call pacing selections and busy, no answer and answering machine screening to make more presentations per hour
  • IVR and Outbound Messaging tools to setup and deploy automated campaigns and "press-to-talk" features
  • Digital Recording to make records of new lead confirmations and to track quality and compliance
  • Hot & Warm Call Transfers for passing qualified leads to sales team and reduce "drops"
  • Custom Script Building with Data Capture fields for entering new lead information with on-the-fly script changes
  • Real-time List Management to view performance and penetration, import new lists, and add or remove records
  • Integration to external databases and flexible list formatting for exports to .xls, .csv, and more
  • Integration to the platform (the world’s leading enterprise cloud computing and CRM platform)

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