4 Steps to Increase Call Center Productivity


What is the real difference between your top call center reps and bottom reps? Technically speaking it is your middle reps. Generally, call center’s divide their floors into thirds; top 20%, bottom 20%, and middle 60%.

Characteristically, the top 20%, are tenured and by in large are always going to hit their goals. They come motivated and there is room for improvement, however, most managers leave them alone since they are meeting expectations.

Conversely, the bottom 20%, this group is typically made up of agents who are new hires or are on their way out the door. Efficient managers spend most of the time coaching and getting new hires up to a solid contribution level and don’t let the ones on the way out drain their time and resources.

The middle 60% of the call center agent population represents the single largest opportunity for managers to affect behavioral outcomes.  This is where significant profits can be made; increasing call center productivity and decreasing turnover costs.  This gets a whole lot easier by using Gamification, this is how it happens.

  1. Create equity among agents. Nothing motivates like being able to compete on a level playing field. Implement and scale competition’s that use data patterns to establish expectations by different level of agents and by campaigns on an equitable basis.
  2. Remove subjectivity and dispel favoritism. Call center agents can be distrustful. Often they feel their paycheck is wrong, their hours are off and the newly promoted supervisor doesn’t like them so they are not getting the good leads.  Remove all subjectivity, present all the valuable KPIs in a fun and engaging interface for them.
  3. Obtainable and Transparent Goals. It is very difficult to hit a target if it’s unclear or always moving. Utilize Score Cards with clear targets that are directly fed from the data source. Additionally, gradually increase the targets as behavioral outcomes improve.
  4. Collaboration in Competition. Utilize those top 20 agents to collaborate with the rest of the floor. Put them in small competitions together versus similar groups. Also, include them in joint coaching sessions, this will reinforce the message from the supervisor with the practical use case of the top 20 rep.

Implementing and scaling these steps across the agent community can positively impact overall productivity by 40% or more. The New Year is upon us, get started with a fresh approach to jacking up your middle 60% call center productivity and reap the rewards.