6 Healthcare Call Center Solutions for Better Patient Care and Agent Retention

For many healthcare organizations, the call center is a patient’s first point of contact. Whether fielding inquiries, resolving issues, scheduling appointments, or administering triage, it is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that the patient interaction is positive.

As we continue to navigate Covid-19 and look beyond the pandemic, many healthcare organizations are rethinking everything from their strategy and staffing to their technology road maps. They are actively seeking ways to fundamentally improve their contact center operations and enhance patient care, efficiently and effectively.

In the first blog in this 2-part series, we discussed the top healthcare contact center trends. This second chapter covers the must-have healthcare call center solutions that support new strategies, further empower agents, and better serve patients.

6 Healthcare Call Center Technologies

These six technologies can help healthcare organizations and hospital call centers create a better experience for both patients and their agents. The results will show in improved patient care and satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.

1. Advanced IVR Solutions Enhance the Agent and the Patient Experience

By creating a single gateway with an advanced IVR solution, health call centers can greet all patients with a consistent branded experience. Interactive voice response captures the reason for each call. Intelligent routing directs the patient to the agent best qualified to address their concern. If a call does need to be transferred, advanced IVR automatically passes through the data. This means patients don’t have to repeat information they have already provided.

2. Workforce Management Ensures Proper Staffing and Flexible Scheduling

Workforce management is critical for today’s healthcare call centers – whether using on-site or remote agents or a hybrid model. Automated WFM efficiently and effectively provides accurate forecasting, skills-based staffing optimization, intra-day changes, and schedule adherence. Workforce management healthcare call center solutions eliminate the time spent on scheduling and ensures appropriate staffing at all times.

3. AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Improves Agent Behavior and Patient Satisfaction

AI-fueled speech analytics monitors every agent-patient interaction, regardless of communication channel. Processing massive amounts of data nearly instantly helps improve both individual and agent group performance. It promotes sharing of best practices and speed of issue resolution. Real-time analytics healthcare call center technologies provide instant feedback during an interaction. It assists agents with the next best action or alerts supervisors when intervention can help. Agents improve their ability to address patient needs and patients experience faster resolution, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

4. AI-Enhanced Predictive Analytics Improves Healthcare Collections

AI-enhanced predictive analytics uses machine learning to identify trends that can better match patients with the right resources and make modifications to processes, including routing of calls. For healthcare collections, predictive analytics indicates best time and channel to contact to optimize right-party contacts and promise to pay results.

5. Compliance Management and Data Security Mitigate Risk

Managing compliance in medical contact centers is essential to ensure patient protection, and to mitigate risk and potential fines. Regulations are always changing and keeping contact center agents up-to-date is a real challenge. The right healthcare call center solutions automate the process of managing regulatory requirements and data security so that you stay compliant at all times. You can handle complex regulations for HIPAA, PCI, TCPA, CFPB, DNC, FTC, TSR, ANI, ACMA, Ofcom, GDPR, and more.

6. Gamification Accelerates Learning and Improves Retention

For new hire training and ongoing skill and knowledge development and retention, gamification can accelerate learning. Applying game mechanics to non-game activities, healthcare call center technologies for gamification lead to a more engaged workforce. Better trained agents foster higher employee and patient satisfaction and retention.

Healthcare Call Center Solutions Can Fill the Gaps

Many health call centers are still exploring or just now beginning to implement technologies to fill the gap to meet today’s demand-based consumer needs and distributed workforce environments. If you need assistance empowering agents and enhancing patient care and satisfaction, Noble Systems is here to help. Contact us today.


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