AI and Real-time Speech Analytics Can Reshape the Contact Center

Artificial intelligence (AI) and speech analytics (SA) are reshaping how humans interact with computer systems. While these revolutionary technologies have been alive and well for years, grand proclamations about their impact typically lack near-term applications that support such a position.

Analyst Michael Finneran’s most recent article in BC Strategies paints a different picture, detailing the rise of real-world implementations and the benefits of AI and real-time analytics for customer interactions. Specifically in the contact center space, notes Finneran, deployments are showing measurable hard dollar payoffs.

As AI and SA evolve, so does the contact center. Smart contact center operators realize that investing in AI and SA-based decision making and analytics produce significant improvements that extend beyond the contact center, affecting change company-wide. While not necessarily news to organizations that have already invested in AI-based tools for agent and call scheduling, as Finneran shows, the biggest impact is reflected in communications between customers and agents.

Read Finneran’s article on AI and Real-Time Speech Analytics to see how these tools can affect agent occupancy, RPCs, and other metrics relating to contact center costs and returns and, ultimately, how all of this translates into improved business outcomes, better agent effectiveness, and overall contact center performance.