Analyst Insights on AI, Agent Experience and CX

Contact center operations have seen a lot of technological advancements since the invention of IVR, but none as drastic as artificial intelligence (AI). As the influence of AI on customer and agent experience grows, the technology’s capabilities get better and better. It can understand more of human speech, detect nuance, and pivot based on customer input. The only question is whether customers will accept more expressive robotic interactions – and how technology will augment human workers to make them better customer service representatives.

In part one of a series published in Telecom Reseller, Noble Systems SVP, Chris Hodges, conducts a Q&A with Industry Principal at Frost & Sullivan, Nancy Jamison, addressing the future of AI in the contact center.

As one of the contact center industry’s foremost analysts, Nancy shares some very compelling insight on the factors impacting adoption and her thoughts on how Noble is bringing AI to the contact center.

In part two of the series, Hodges and Jamison discuss how companies can adapt to help contact center workers. Contact centers are notorious for high turnover, and with good reason – as the work can be challenging and stressful. Noble Systems has a solution to combat high turnover: Gamification. Instead of feeling like they’re just getting through the never-ending stream of customer calls, agents can turn their routine workload into a game, competing against their co-workers to gain the best stats. Gamification helps agents set and reach goals in a positive, motivating environment, resulting in an overall improved agent experience and increased productivity.

Gamification has proven benefits, with 82% of employees saying that gamification makes them happier at work. With that said, each industry needs to apply gamification its own way – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. During this in-depth conversation, Hodges and Jamison discuss some of the most effective ways to apply gamification in contact center operations.

Analyst Insights on AI, Agent Experience and CX from Frost & Sullivan’s Nancy Jamison – featuring Chris Hodges, Noble Systems

Watch the video interview to hear more from Hodges and Jamison, as they discuss the influence of AI and gamification on customer experience and agent experience, along with notable CX success stories.