How to improve customer experience by automating hotel telephone systems

With the resurgence of the American travel industry, the customer experience provided by travel agencies and hotels is just as important as it has ever been. The dilemma, however, is this: How are you going to keep your phone-using customers happy in the near- to mid-term while realizing that there’s going to be a lot fewer of them in the long term? This is where contact center technology starts to show its worth.

In this article with 4Hoteliers, Noble Systems’ Vice President of Marketing, Lee Allum, takes a deep dive into how and why automation is the answer to this pressing question.

For inside sales, an advanced automated outbound solution can act as a force-multiplier. This will allow agents to contact more customers in the same amount of time due to the system’s ability to automatically call people, engage with the CRM on its own, log contact attempts, fill out forms, and even deliver pre-recorded voicemails. For the inbound contact center – where customers can ask questions via a variety of methods (phone, text, email) – call center automation can help by pulling up a customer’s contact information, which will shave precious seconds off each interaction.

Over 70% of hotel guests want to have a unique experience during their stay – collecting information while you’re on the phone with them means contributing to their desire for novelty.

Automation can help with this – from a simple email to advanced sentiment analysis, automated contact center software can capture your customers’ wishes and forward them to the appropriate parties with few humans in the loop.

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