Bank Call Center Strategies: A guide to effective fintech in 2019

Bank Contact Center

In the current issue of Banking Strategies, published by the Bank Administration Institute, Noble Systems Vice President of Marketing, Lee Allum, explores how banks and other financial institutions are using “Fintech” – the commonly used nickname for financial technology. Technology shapes the products and services banks offer their customers like never before—and yet, fintech means much more than algorithmic trading, financial modeling and robo-advisory wealth management. The key to a successful bank call center lies in how it evaluates interactions between customers and its workforce via applications such as speech and contact center performance analytics.

Lee explains that interaction analytics and workforce engagement technologies may actually represent an even more valuable use of fintech, especially when it comes to cultivating exceptional customer experiences in a bank call center. In the real banking world, in which consumers have more choices than ever before—and institutions small and large are vying for an increasingly discriminating consumer base—experts assert that customer experience (CX) marks the main competitive differentiator across industries, with mobile and other digital channels among the strongest influencers.

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