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The Benefits of Our Gamification Software Solution

See how gamification can impact your bottom line.

Reduce Operational Costs

Noble Gamification offers an integrated engagement platform that puts the “want to” into work. With your call center solution and gamification combined, you can maximize productivity without extra managerial overhead. For example, our client Sekure Merchants saves 30 hours a week across 250 agents in operating costs with Noble Gamification.

Increase Revenue

Productivity turns into revenue with Noble Gamification. For example, one of our clients in the auto finance industry finished their first quarter with Noble Gamification at a 15% increase in revenue growth.

Enhance Employee Focus

It's all too easy for your agents to lose steam as the day progresses. Noble Gamification helps to keep engagement high so that doesn't happen. For example, one of our clients, a large online lending organization, saw a 20% increase in funding per hour and a 21.6% increase on maximum loan achievement after they implemented Noble Gamification. And Sekure Merchant's 1st day on the job exit interviews showed an increase of understanding what was expected of them from 50% retention to 90%.

Attract Millennials

We spent over a decade in the trenches with Millennials, so we know what motivates them. That's why Noble Gamification offers a blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to appeal to their desire for visible recognition and lifestyle incentives. When you choose Noble, we'll power your call center to maximize productivity and minimize attrition with this generation.