Call Center Automation: How Hair Club Does More

Scalability is a serious problem for contact centers in just about every industry. There are only so many calls and customer interactions an agent can handle manually in a day. So, that forces you to continually hire new contact center agents if you want to reach more customers.

Hiring new agents seems like a straightforward solution. However, the 27% annual turnover rate for customer service employees is the highest of any department in the business world. As a result, you’re constantly trying to train new reps, losing out on the benefits that employee experience brings to the customer experience.

Hair Club was once in this never-ending cycle of manual processes in its corporate call centers. Rather than focusing on scalability, Hair Club worked with Noble Systems for call center automation, increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

Enhancing the Contact Center—Not Replacing It

It’s easy to look at traditional, manual systems and processes and think that replacement is the only path to modern efficiency and scalability. Some providers would look at a traditional PBX and point you toward a rip-and-replace approach to adopting cloud-based solutions.

But modernizing the contact center to improve efficiency and productivity isn’t just about wholesale replacements of existing systems. Augmenting the systems with new features and increased automation can enable:

  • Skills-based routing on inbound calls
  • Improved targeting for outbound calls
  • Automated lead analysis to provide agents with appropriate scripts
  • Compliant storage to improve agent coaching
  • New-found ROI on existing phone systems
  • And more

As Hair Club searched for automated solutions, its goals were to increase productivity by 20% and decrease costs by 30%. To achieve these goals, the company needed a combination of powerful contact center features that helped both increase automation and manual performance.

How Hair Club Does More with Call Center Automation

The Hair Club model has worked since the company was founded in 1976—they advertise on television and through direct mail; they handle inbound calls to set appointments, and send outbound appointment reminders to those leads.

Rather than trying to fix what wasn’t broken, Hair Club used automated Noble Contact Center solutions to boost its efficiency.

“Noble lets us do more with fewer resources. We have increased outbound dials from 275,000 per month to 1.5 million per month. Our use of resources is much more efficient with automated appointment reminder calls that remove the need for an agent. We have seen a marked reduction in staffing costs—by 30% or more—to match the definite increase in contact center productivity.”— Director of Hair Club National Call Center

The modern contact center is about much more than just how many calls agents can take. With the right unified platform, agents can handle multiple assignments at once and receive real-time feedback. And at the same time, managers and executives get the insights necessary to optimize operations.

Simply shifting from a traditional PBX to a new communications system won’t give you these benefits. You need technology solutions designed to streamline operations at every level of the contact center—whether that means automating low-tier tasks or giving employees the right information at the right time to improve experiences.

Button Teal Case StudyHair Club has implemented a unified platform with multiple solutions to transform its contact center operations. If you want to learn more about how Hair Club is putting Noble Systems solutions to work, check out the full case study.