Case Study: Multi-Site Call Center Uncovers the Revenue Sweet Milk with Gamification

Regardless of the call center activity, whether it is Sales, Collections or Support, revenue is vital. However, that is only one side of the equation in the world of call center economics. How much a call center keeps of their revenue is more important in many cases. Recently, the popular strategic approach in the modern-day call center is directing focus and resources on maximizing agent engagement.

Now I know that when call center managers look around they say, “oh yeah, my employees are engaged”, the next question they answer should be, “how can I tell?” One way to answer that is, are we running SPIFFS to affect behavior in order to improve production or are the attrition rates ripping out profits? It’s likely that since Gallup reports only 30% of the workforce is engaged that there is some optimization on that front for your Organization.

A scary 70% of employees are just going through the motions while at work. So how is the modern-day call center tackling engagement to increase revenue?

As HBR writes, when it comes to employee engagement, “Many organizations measure either the wrong things, or too many things, or don’t make the data intuitively actionable”.

One company uncovered the “sweet milk” that was already sitting in their call center seats and by doing so they “changed the game” on their organization’s economics. Simply by driving organizational focus toward revenue goals and leveraging game mechanics across impactful data points, they were able significantly to increase revenue by hour over 20%, at their Near Shore Call Center and Domestic Centers.