Changing Customer Behaviors Will Impact Contact Centers in 2021

Changing Customer Behaviors Will Impact Contact Centers in 2021

The current economic climate along with the continuing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on businesses worldwide to consistently deliver on ever-changing customer expectations. Although customers were initially understanding about delays, most have come to the realization that what was “normal” is gone forever. They have begun to lose patience with brands that still have not figured out how to efficiently deal with their new demands. This was especially evident with contact centers that did not have the right technologies in place or were otherwise ill-equipped to quickly pivot to an at-home service model and address extremely high call volumes when the pandemic began.

To stay ahead of the curve and be successful going forward, companies must:
1.  Truly understand, and even anticipate, how changing customer expectations and behaviors will impact contact centers in 2021 and beyond.
2.  Continue to implement enabling technologies to address the continued increase in customer digital transactions as well as their preference for additional digital interaction options.

Adapting to these changes is key to fostering brand loyalty as well as acquiring new customers and achieving business growth in the future.

Many businesses regard this inflection point as an opportunity to reconceive their entire customer experience. In fact, according to a recent study by Corinium and Precisely, one in four CX leaders surveyed have totally reimagined their strategy and another 33% say they have made major changes.

The study also cites these changes in customer behaviors that should be considered when developing new CX strategies and approaches:

Chart | Changing Customer Behavior | Noble Systems

Many customers prefer resolving issues using digital channels whenever possible because it is easier, quicker and provides a more pleasant experience. But there are some customers that need help adapting to digital alternatives. It is important that businesses identify these customers and develop methods for removing the barriers to digital adoption. In addition, it is critical that when a customer does want to speak with a contact center agent, this option is still available.

How can you determine which pandemic-generated and accelerated customer behaviors should drive changes to your CX strategy?

Beef up your customer listening efforts. There are many modalities that can help. More frequent customer surveys are one way. But you should be cautious about overwhelming your customers with additional communications. A simple one or two question survey at the end of a service call can provide a quick read on new preferences, and how well a customer would rate a specific experience.

Speech analytics can automatically capture the feedback received on every interaction so that you can quickly define trends across your entire customer population. Reports can be easily generated that will indicate increased usage of the digital tools already offered as well as feedback on what they like and don’t like about them. Predictive analytics can help you determine which behaviors to address now and in the future.

Which enabling technologies should you invest in now?

There does seem to be a consensus among CX and business leaders. Here is a recap of what those surveyed by Corinium had to say.

Chart | Changing Customer Behavior | Noble Systems

To address the accelerated customer demand for positive digital experiences, many organizations are also investing in AI-driven infrastructures, expanding their omnichannel capabilities, and automating every process that they can.

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Watch for the next two blogs in this series, where we’ll discuss some of the key changes in customer behavior changes and then look at what companies can do to address the new consumer demands.


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