Driving the Hotel Industry with Innovation in Australia and New Zealand

In the last few years, Australia and New Zealand have seen a massive boom in tourism. Australian capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide saw 80% occupancy in 2018, with revenue per available room (RevPAR) expected to increase by more than 3% in 2019.

With a major portion of the international travel spending market in Australia coming from Chinese tourists ($11.3 billion), it’s very important for Australian hotels to cater to the Chinese market. Unfortunately, many Chinese tourists complain about Australia’s limited infrastructure. The average Chinese tourist is a tech-savvy middle-class individual, meaning they are used to receiving technological amenities. However, their biggest complaint when it comes to Australia is a lack of free regional WiFi.

In order to continue capitalizing on the tourist boom from Southeast Asia, hotels in Australia and New Zealand need to invest in technological innovations that will make it easier and more comfortable for Chinese tourists to visit and share their experiences.

For Australian hotel chains, catering to a wealthy and sophisticated Chinese consumer base remains one of their core revenue-boosting activities. Whilst they can’t build public infrastructure or regional WiFi networks, they can use advanced telephony to quickly build applications that replicate the user experiences with which Chinese customers are most familiar – giving them a technological taste of home away from home.

In this 4Hoteliers article, Ashley Clayton, General Manager for Noble Systems Australia, takes a look into if Australian hotels can imitate the success of super Chinese app innovations and how.