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Noble Systems EMEA is headquartered in the UK, covering Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. Noble Systems is an expert in the customer communications industry, providing innovative solutions for Contact Centre, Workforce Engagement and Analytics technologies.

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Advanced Solutions for Contact Centres

Whether selling new products or collecting past due payments, in today’s environment it’s more challenging than ever to contact customers. Competition is fierce and stakeholder demands are driving contact centres to do more with less. Customers are fast to adapt; they change their behaviours and loyalties more than ever before. Noble’s comprehensive solutions address these threats head-on to help improve contact centre operations.

Advanced Solutions for Contact Centres

Customer Experience Improvements

Delight your customers with a seamless service. Use historical and real-time data to enhance the effectiveness of every interaction, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Process Automation

Automate routine processes, increasing efficiencies and free up your skilled agents to manage more complex tasks.

Compliance Improvements

Comprehensive toolsets help you meet complex regulatory compliance (eg Ofcom, GDPR, DMA, TPS) requirements while maintaining productivity levels.

Actionable Business Insight Discovery

Mine in-depth data and collaborate with external platforms to provide meaningful insights that drive business decisions and improvements.

Workforce Optimisation

Align organisational strategies to ensure you have the right resources in place to meet service level demands.

Flexible Solutions for Changing Needs

Whether you have seasonal needs, are growing, or are rightsizing, our solutions adjust to meet your current and future capacity demands.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Noble solutions are robust and flexible enough to meet the needs of virtually any industry. For industries where contact centre operations are mission critical to success, we've refined our offering to meet these unique requirements.


Increase contact rates, enhance customer service and streamline processes.

Debt Collection

Obtain more promises-to-pay without spending more on resources.


Manage your student accounts and recruitment services more efficiently.

Financial Services

Provide better customer service to prospective, new and existing customers.


Track pledges more efficiently and reach out to potential donors more effectively.


Manage patient accounts, appointment scheduling and payments more proactively.

Home Services

Manage customer accounts and communications more efficiently.

Market Research

Use resources more efficiently to complete more surveys in less time.

News & Publishing

Gain new subscribers and service existing accounts more efficiently.


Improve each customer's retail experience across the entire shopper lifecycle.

Service Bureaus/BPOs

Improve operational efficiency and regulatory compliance for a competitive edge.


Keep properties full and your guests happier with efficient reservation management.

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Services that Help Maximise Your Investment

At Noble, we are committed to making sure you get the maximum value out of your investment. We have designed a comprehensive suite of services to help you successfully implement your Noble solution and keep your contact centre running smoothly every day.

Implementation & Integration

Any minute of downtime in your contact centre is a lost opportunity to connect with a customer or prospect and also a risk of disappointing or frustrating them. Our implementation services are designed to get you and running as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your business.

Software Training

Our comprehensive offering of on-site, classroom, and web-based training services helps you master the skills you and your team need to be successful and get the most out of your investment. Courses are tailored to your needs and taught by in-house trainers and product experts.


Starting with a rich understanding of your unique business, we’ll help you determine the best ways to use our services to capitalise on new business opportunities and improve the performance of your contact centre operation.


We provide full-service support and maintenance, delivered by an in-house team with expertise in the operation and troubleshooting of our products and other contact centre components. Active support agreements give you round-the-clock access to skilled technicians.

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