Fidotrack Gamification Releases Robust Gamified Learning Management System for Call Centers

On October 25th at the Annual CallMiner LISTEN2017 User Conference, Fidotrack Gamification, the award-winning employee engagement platform for Collections, Sales and Customer Support Organizations announced their latest release; a Gamified Learning Management System.

Brett Brosseau, CEO of Fidotrack says “the opportunity to integrate a Gamified Learning Management System within a Call Center’s technology ecosystem is huge. Historically On-Boarding and On-Going agent training have been almost exclusively a Human Resources function built around rigid, manual and painfully boring processes, Fidotrack has flipped agent training on its lid.”

Fidotrack’s Gamified Learning Management System includes an Employee Survey Engine and both features are fluidly integrated within the existing Fidotrack Gamification platform. The motivational power behind Fidotrack’s LMS makes training more engaging which yields lower training costs and an increase in customer satisfaction. The Learning Management System is also fluidly integrated with the coaching platform to empower Supervisors to go beyond asymptomatic course correction coaching session and delve deeper into a systemic issue efficiently.

FidoTrack leverages game mechanics across 6 distinct user interfaces to increase productivity and reduce costs in a Call Center. Agent and Supervisor Goal Setting, Recognition, Rewards, Peer to Peer Collaboration, Virtual Contests, Public TV Leaderboard App, a Robust Coaching Engine and now a Learning Management System are some of the ways FidoTrack’s Call Center Productivity Software aligns Agent Production to Corporate Performance Goals.

About Fidotrack, LLC.  
Fidotrack is designed to empower Call Centers throughout the globe with high-performance call center engagement and productivity software. Solutions are easily scalable from small boutique call centers to large enterprises with global operations. FidoTrack’s Clients realize an increase in top-line revenue, reduction in agent attrition and greater appeal to millennials.