Grow Revenue with Sales Gamification Software

Revenue growth and goal attainment necessitate change. That’s why many companies are turning to sales gamification software to drive behaviors that improve sales effectiveness and achieve world-class status.

Success in today’s business environment is ever-changing — with heightened competition, growing buyer complexities and a lack of understanding of what it really takes to build a world-class sales organization. Conventional motivational tactics are no longer effective, whether you manage an enterprise or contact center sales organization.

A recent study conducted by CSO Insights, says that sales goal attainment across geographies and industries dropped from 63% in 2012 to 53% in 2016. But companies considered to be world-class are faring much better.

The study provides a list of the 12 top practices of world-class sales organizations. All of them can be enhanced with gamification. For the purposes of this blog, we will focus on the following:

  1. Deliver continuous sales development and feedback
  2. Achieve a consistent experience and positive customer interactions regardless of the sales channel
  3. Consistently communicate sales value based on customer needs to avoid unnecessary discounting

Employing Sales Gamification Software

Gamification refers to the use of game mechanics to drive desired behaviors that lead to improved business results across all types of contact centers and external sales organizations and channels. This is accomplished by leveraging science-based motivational techniques to engage and harmonize sales teams and boost revenue.

Continuous development and feedback keep sales agents on track
It’s not an easy task to keep sales organizations on-track with sales goals. Managers must deal with a range of skill levels and experience. By making a commitment to on-going development and feedback, not just for new hires, but for everyone, you demonstrate your you’re the importance of commitment to sustained revenue improvement by the entire team. Tracking activities and providing continuous feedback and incentives with gamification motivates sales agents to develop the necessary skills and behaviors for success. This leads to improved goal attainment, more consistent brand experience for customers and increased revenue for your business.

With gamification, goals are clearly communicated so that everyone understands them from the start and knows how their success will be measured. After recently deploying Noble Gamification, Matt Coffey, GM of Sekure Merchants commented that during first-day exit surveys, new hires went from 40-50% of them knowing their goals to over 90% of them knowing their goals.

Gamification also provides a continuous real-time feedback loop to ensure each sales agent stays on target and gives management visibility into sales behaviors and outcomes – all practices of world-class organizations.

Allied Global, spanning 5 countries, is considered one of the Top Business Process Outsourcing companies in The Americas. The company leverages the Noble Gamification solution across two diverse business lines. The main goals for gamification were increasing revenue and delivering a positive experience to each customer. Revenue improvement focused on three key performance indicators; (1) Sales Per Hour, (2) Conversion and (3) Credit Card Take Rate. Allied Global utilized the Noble Gamification Leaderboard application to display results on TVs across their call center floor. The results were profound. Sales Per Hour increased 24%, Sales Conversion increased 47%, and Credit Card Take Rate jumped 23%. The company was also able to increase productivity by over 23%.

Consistent experiences and positive customer interactions result in more revenue
In addition to keeping sales on track with sales goals, it is important to ensure that every interaction with a customer is a positive one. This can be a challenge when you are dealing with a matrixed sales organization or contact centers across many locations and even continents. The good news is that each challenge in a gamification solution can be customized to address regional and cultural differences.

Gamification immediately connects contact center sales, direct sales, channel sales, and remote workers, no matter where they are. Companies that define the customer journey and what constitutes a positive customer interaction up front, can build the appropriate activities and behaviors into the gamification platform to customize individual and team goals and rewards for achievement.

Some examples of behaviors that can be gamified include optimizing product/service recommendations, effectively addressing objections, resolving issues quickly, demonstrating empathy, staying compliant and making it easy for a customer to do business with you.

Providing a consistent experience and positive customer interactions lead to better relationships, improved CSAT scores and increased revenue, and sets. They also set your organization on the path to attaining world-class status.

Consistently communicate value based on customer needs to avoid discounting
Many businesses struggle, not just with maximizing the number of products/services sold and total revenue, but also with reducing inconsistent and sometimes unwarranted discounts, which can negatively impact the health of the business. The key to avoiding discounts is to align your value proposition with a specific challenge your customer faces every day. Sales Gamification software can help. Gamification rewards agents for selling the value you offer that fills a gap and addresses a customer’s specific business needs. When a customer is convinced that what you have to offer will make their life easier and make them more successful, pricing issues melt away.

Winning Sales Teams Exemplify World-Class Organizations
Building a winning sales team doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a commitment to each agent and to each customer. It takes continuous agent development, creating a culture of excellence when it comes to ensuring consistent and positive customer interactions at each touchpoint and the alignment of the value you provide to each customer’s needs. Gamification can be leveraged to supercharge your contact center and direct sales team and attain world-class status.

What practices have you put into place to achieve a winning contact center sales organization?