Kick the Snot Out of Call Center Zombies

There are plenty of articles and research that scream at employers about how much employee disengagement costs them. They also throw in talk about the generational shift of the employee spectrum and how the new majority, the millennials are turning over at very high rates.

If ever an industry can relate it is the Call Center Industry. QATC reports that it costs a Call Center $6000 to replace a fully loaded agent, couple that with crazy high call center agent attrition rates, which is north of 30% it is easy to figure out the whack it takes on the bottom line

For years Call Center leaders have accepted attrition and absenteeism as a cost of doing business. In fact, in many organizations, it is taboo to discuss the real cost because “it’s like opening a can of snakes without a cover.”

Here is the deal, and it not hard to figure it out. Generally, if you are not “into it”, whatever “it” is regardless if you are sales agent in a call center, a collector for a multi-location agency or a customer support person for a massive online shopping company, you will likely not do “it” well and some days you may just not do “it” at all.

Finger Pointing Time! Isn’t that what happens, the normal reaction is that it’s an agent or employee problem. Although an unproductive philosophy, that has been the easy way to deal with it.

Modern-day call center leaders understand that this is not an employee demographic problem; it is a leadership problem, a problem that once fixed has a positive impact on company morale as well as productivity.

The cool thing that has happened in the last several years is there are a few technology providers, many of whom were employers or even call center managers themselves have started to work the angle. The angle of attacking the root of agent disengagement which ultimately destroys organizational finances.

These technology solutions are empowering modern day call centers with the firepower to take back the $4000 – $6000! 

Simply attack by pointing the finger at your company:

  1. Identify

Look under the bed and determine if you can see symptoms, if so what are they.

  1. Decide

Know where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

  1. Deploy

An in-house program or a vendor engagement solution to attack your goals.

  1. Measure

Results against historical data, adjust to further optimize.


Here is ROI Calculator link that can assist you in determining your solution’s ROI.

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