Lessons for Success from Cloud Communications Providers

The cloud communications market is fast and everchanging. Recently, industry analyst Jon Arnold sat down with Noble Systems’ Karl Koster to discuss the approaches cloud service providers are taking to have success in a crowded market where it’s hard to differentiate, highlighting how they are growing today, and how they plan to grow tomorrow.

As Arnold explains, these approaches are worth noting since the cloud is really a dual-edged sword. On the one hand, a cloud communication solution means you don’t have to be a facilities-based operator to sell services to SMBs. The barrier to entry is lower with the cloud, so it’s easier to get in the game, and with the SMB market being so big, there’s a lot of opportunities. Conversely, with everyone using comparable technology, there’s a sameness to most of the offerings, so to stand out, you somehow need a point of difference or a niche that you can defend. Each approach represents distinct opportunities for cloud providers to chart their own course with communications technologies.

Koster provided insight into driving growth tomorrow. The key is for cloud based communication providers to have a strong innovation mindset, with an eye to constantly developing new applications that add value to UCaaS. Noble Systems is a perfect example of this approach; one of its key differentiators is the use of conversational AI and real-time speech analytics to improve customer experience and agent performance in the contact center.

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