Mapping Workforce Engagement to ROI in a Digital Customer Journey

Mapping out your company’s digital customer journey is never an easy task, especially when the focus is primarily on the customer experience. It is important to know what exactly goes into the customer experience to truly understand their digital journey, and that starts with your employees.

An engaged workforce has proven time and time again to increase company revenue, making it easy to see just how valuable employee engagement can be to an organization. So how exactly are businesses achieving these results? Maximizing employee productivity. Once companies view their agents as the driving force being strategic customer experience success, three crucial components come to light – all with the underlying theme of productivity.

In this article for, Vice President of Gaming Solutions at Noble Systems, Brett Brosseau, takes a look at how businesses can map their workforce engagement to ROI in their digital customer journey. Taking the three key forms of ROI, Brousseau shows how workforce engagement plays a key role in each element.

It is important to remember that equipping your contact center with the tools necessary to bridge the communication gap between CX strategy and employee engagement will ultimately help make the most out of every customer interaction.

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