New Integration Unveiled: Noble Gamification + CustomerCount Enterprise Feedback

Enterprise Feedback/Voice of the Customer (VOC): the measurement and reporting of customer reactions to their experiences and expectations with a company and its products/services

Gamification: the application of game mechanics across the generational spectrum to motivate employees intrinsically and extrinsically for the purpose of aligning agent activity and company goals

Adding the power of a gamification solution to a VOC platform can put the insight gained from customer feedback at the center of a company-wide reward and recognition program.

We have recently partnered with CustomerCount to integrate our industry-leading gamification platform with their first-class enterprise feedback management system. Used together, the two solutions create powerful new levels of value for the processes of motivating employees and gathering customer feedback.

“Every interaction now becomes an opportunity to grow employees and create a customer experience that will surely escalate customer evangelism, resulting in more holistic purchases and greater lifetime value.” – Chris Hodges, SVP Sales and Marketing, Noble Systems

“With the addition of Noble’s innovative solutions for Employee Engagement, we’ve stepped up our offerings in yet another way by enhancing that unique interaction between agent and customer.” – Robert Kobek, RRP, President, CustomerCount

Learn more in CustomerCount’s news release: