Connecting Our Users to Share Knowledge

Noble’s Power Users Groups (PUG) are designed to help users connect, exchange ideas, and advance their use of the Noble solutions while aiding Noble in the continued development and innovation of its customer contact toolsets.

  • Noble Support Users can join for free

  • Share best practices & effective strategies

  • Engage in high-level guidance on advanced features

  • Provide recommendations and feedback for future roadmap items

  • Help effect positive changes and drive more productive design within Noble’s robust product offering

  • Tell us what you want to talk about

  • There’s a PUG for all types of users! Current PUGs include:
    – Composer & Agent Desktop
    – Intelligent Routing & Self-Service (IVR)
    – Reporting & Analytics
    – Game Masters
    – WFM
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How it Works:

The power users groups are designed by our users, for our users, to help you get more from your Noble solutions. Want to get started? Just fill out the  registration form below! We’ll email you invites to upcoming meetings.

Have a suggestion for a meeting topic? Send us your info! If we use it and you help host the presentation to share your information with other users, and you could get $250*!

Convenient Virtual Meetings

PUG meetings are generally conducted as online meetings in an easy to access webinar format, so they are easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Real-world Applications

In each session, we partner with a user (or two) to highlight how they are using the system to create powerful results, so you learn from real-word use cases. Panelists get a free pass to the next SNUG conference and a special thank you ($$) from our team.

User-Selected Topics

Have a topic suggestion? Submit it!
Topics are selected by the users group, and are geared towards helping you discover new ways to improve your use of the Noble products. We love hearing about the creative ways you are using our software to solve business problems, your tips, tricks, and best practices, etc. Share your cool stuff, and if we choose your topic AND you help us present the session, we'll say thank-you with a free SNUG pass and a $250 gift card ($US or local equivalent)).

Get Involved in PUG

To join, just answer a few questions below to let us know who you are and select the group(s) you want to join. You’ll be added to the invitation list for future meetings.

Interested in joining a Power Users Group? Sign Up Now!