Overcoming the Biggest Contact Center Challenges

How do you train the ideal employee in a high-turnover environment? Training employees well and managing turnover is especially important when it comes to overcoming the biggest contact center challenges. Some businesses make the mistake of not investing in their employees in anything beyond introductory training for an agent who might leave the organization in just a few months. So when organizations hedge their bets like this, workers are left to make up their own training. They may adopt informal procedures that might not be in the best interest of customer relations.

Creating a first-class contact center involves understanding employees’ motivational needs and providing the tools to do their job well. It is not only important to look at the customer, but also to take employee experience into account. This, in turn, motivates employees to perform at higher levels – making it easy to create great customer experiences.

In part three of a series published in Telecom Reseller, Nancy Jamison, principal analyst with Frost & Sullivan, and Chris Hodges, SVP of sales and marketing at Noble Systems, discuss best practices for contact center management.

In most industries, customer experience is – and will continue to be – the sole differentiator between organizations. Likewise, the ability to manage the customer experience is critical to overcoming the biggest contact center challenges. In the Telecom Reseller article, the two industry experts dive into these topics, and discuss more trends and technologies impacting contact center management:

  • Why compliance is not only a pillar of business, but a key driver in customer experience
  • What it looks like when multiple solutions are part of a single code base and can seamlessly work together
  • How conversational analytics provides lightning-fast insight into customer-agent interactions
See what industry experts Chris Hodges and Nancy Jamison have to say about the steps companies can take to improve CX through employee engagement.