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WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: 2020 - The Year That Transformed WFM

No one could have predicted the unprecedented events of the last few weeks and how it would affect contact centers across the globe. Organizations have reacted rapidly to a new way of working and for many, the necessary changes will open opportunities for a more flexible workforce in the future. Maximizing efficiency of your contact center and exceeding customer expectations will always remain a key priority, along with accurately forecasting workloads and ensuring the right resources are available where you need them.

In this webinar, we discuss the ‘shift’ in WFM – how bidding and changing shift patterns can play an important role in staff recruitment/retention.

We cover:
• How to gain a competitive edge
• Is 9-to-5 a thing of the past?
• How to increase productivity from flexible workers
• Retaining your existing staff and attracting a new workforce