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Advanced Analytics for Contact Center Strategy, Quality & Planning


In today’s loud, digitized world, there is greater opportunity — and need — for customer insights than ever before. Noble® IQ, a suite of proprietary, patented automated decisioning and analytics tools, helps businesses tap into those deeper insights that can transform their business. Determine who, when and how best to contact customers, automate decision-making and campaign management, and refine the quality of interactions with more precision and efficiency.



Best Time to Call, Only Better

Our predictive Contact AI algorithms weigh contact probability with account priority and agent availability on an ongoing basis, to help you continually improve your ‘best time to call’ models.

Campaign Management on Autopilot

Noble’s innovative OnQ solution automates and centralizes campaign and policy management while ensuring call rule compliance. In fact, many other well-known ACDs already use it!

Strategy at Its Smartest

Our Decision AI modeling solution lets you set decisioning rules and analyze multiple, disparate data sources to rapidly weigh call strategies and optimize your effectiveness.

Speech Trends, Surfaced

Review recorded calls quickly with speech analytics (SA). Post-call SA spots trends in customer issues and script adherence, while real-time SA provides in-call guidance to improve service and compliance.




The combination of campaign management, data analytics, and quality monitoring tools has increased efficiencies and improved agent training. Outbound contacts are up by 85%, and RPCs have grown by 61%. Noble helps us do more without having to hire more people.




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