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Changing the Game on Employee Engagement, Performance & Retention

71% of all employees are not engaged while they’re at work, dragging down productivity, attrition and the customer experience. Noble Gamification helps turn that around with engaging contests, recognition and rewards. In short, it’s the engagement solution that maximizes your ROI. Gamification is designed to increase productivity and reduce employee turnover across all generations – from Boomers and Millennials to the fast-growing Gen-Z workforce. Whether your employees are motivated most by incentives or recognition, competition or collaboration, you can transform daily routines into rewarding rivalries that give everyone a reason to do their best.



Motivate Employees with Competitions & Rewards

Quickly create and launch competitions that leverage both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and recognition to keep agent attrition low and productivity high.

Accelerate Learning Using Game Mechanics

Integrated gamified learning tools help make training more engaging and motivate your team to complete training to meet goals – reducing training costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Ignite Performance with Continuous Feedback

Regular coaching and positive reinforcement can drastically improve engagement, performance, and retention. Direct feedback, scorecards and targeted rewards help keep employees motivated.

Align Activity to Meet Business Goals

Focus performance on the KPIs that matter most to your business. As your organizational objectives change, your employees will stay up to-date and aligned with the latest goals.




Noble Gamification moved our bottom lines and helped us to improve key metrics by almost 20% across the board. We put it in our lowest-performing groups and it has helped us increase performance and reduce agent turnover. I recommend it to any contact center looking to improve morale and productivity.




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