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Compliance Briefing: Are You Ready for the New CFPB Rules?

This is the Part 1 of our CFPB Compliance Series.

Watch Part 2: EXPLORING OPERATIONAL IMPACTS OF THE NEW CFPB RULES for a deeper dive into the operational side of meeting the new guidelines and discusses the nuances of the CFPB rules that debt collectors (and others) will need to practically consider for managing their communication attempts.


New rules published by the CFPB are expected to have a significant impact on consumer communications for collecting debts. Managing call frequency limits and rules for times, locations, messaging can challenge all operations, both large and small. Companies need a comprehensive view of the problem to design a flexible solution that allows them to adapt for changes. A Campaign Attempt Management System can be a critical component to help contact centers manage regulatory compliance.

Watch our Compliance Briefing with Noble Systems’ resident compliance expert, Karl Koster, to learn more, including:

• A brief overview of the CFPB rules

• Factors to consider when designing your compliance solution

• What CAMS is and how it can help you automate the process

The CFPB Rules take effect in November 2021. Don’t miss this informative session so you can make sure your contact center is prepared for the new regulations.