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Financial Services and Gamification: Building Trust and Revenue

Financial Services firms — including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and credit/lending services — are at a crossroads. They know that the best way to differentiate themselves from the competition and increase revenue is to meet changing market and consumer needs as well as build customer trust. But most are not equipped to do so.

There are several enabling technologies that can help financial services firms reimagine the way they do business to elevate both employee and customer engagement — which translates to dramatically improved retention, cost reduction, and increased profits. One of these technologies is Gamification.

In this ebook, we’ll look at what gamification is and how it is being used by financial services firms today; which metrics can be gamified; how to use gamification for employee training and for consumers; and what you need to know about Fintech and Insurtech, as well as other technology trends on the horizon.

Financial Services and Gamification - Building Trust and Revenue | Ebook | Noble Systems