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WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: Interview with a Gamemaster

Wondering if Gamification is the right fit for your company? Join us to get the inside scoop from a Gamemaster! A Gamemaster knows what a gamification program needs to be successful for both upper management and the people on the ground. Alan Lai, gamemaster at ARA, is an expert at using gamification to deliver the ROI numbers that management want to see, while keeping employees engaged and motivated. ARA is a world-class healthcare company that has been named a Top Workplace for five consecutive years, so they certainly know the value of keeping employees engaged.

In our exclusive interview, conducted by Corey Mustard, you’ll get an insider’s look at how to make sure a gamification program succeeds. Join us as Alan reveals his lessons learned, including:

• Does gamification really work?
• Do players spend “too much” time in the gamification system?
• How much time does it take to manage gamification?
• What fears or concerns do people have around gamification?
• What rewards and incentives have the most considerable buzz and impact?
• What are the most significant things you have learned as a gamemaster?
• And much more!

Don’t miss this chance to see what gamification looks like from a program expert’s perspective!

WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: Interview with a Gamemaster | Noble Systems