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Noble’s flexible contact center technology solutions designed for the News, Media and Publishing industries help you increase agent productivity so you can provide better service to your existing subscribers, get new subscribers, and improve efficiencies that can lower your operational costs.




Increase Contact, Response and Conversion Rates
Get more right-party contacts with multiple numbers per subscriber, advanced dialing algorithms, list management, and best time to contact.

Assign Inbound Calls for FCR
Use skills-based routing to get customers to the best resource. Assign reps to “own” subscribers, send new accounts to separate groups, or route high-value members to more successful reps.

Ensure Legal Compliance
Patented tools help you protect personal data and meet contact regulations, including wireless dialing, consent, TCPA, DNC, PCI-DSS, FDCPA, Ofcom, GDPR, etc.

Improve Rep Engagement
Give team members clear vision into their goals and progress, and recognize their achievements for a more engaged workforce.

Support Self-Service
Automated messaging and integration with internal systems makes it easy for subscribers to manage their accounts and make payments while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Automate Easy Tasks
Keep overhead low and improve productivity with virtual agents, personalized messaging, consolidated workflows, and process automation.

Streamline Workflows
Help your reps do more in less time and optimize utilization by putting multiple tools (scripts, CRM, accounting databases) and omnichannel queues into a single, integrated desktop.

Manage More Efficiently
Real-time dashboards and in-depth reporting and analysis let you monitor performance and results so you can fine-tune strategies.


Call pacing and omnichannel, multi-session queues
Intelligent call routing based on rep skills, subscriber account attributes, and more
Detect voicemail/machines, busy signals, disconnects
Self-service subscriber account updates and payments
Compliance tools for PCI-DSS, TCPA, DNC, GDPR, etc.
Pre-record disclosures/rebuttals and manage call-backs
In-call and post-call voice and screen monitoring
Real-time dashboards and performance reporting for total visibility
Best time to contact and strategy management by region and channel
Audio and video recording for verifications and quality
Integrate with payment portals, contact lists, databases, and third-party platforms
Streamline scheduling and improve adherence
Track goals and reward employee achievements




The efficiencies we’ve gained to help move us forward while controlling costs are key – getting the most out of agents, agents in the right place at the right time, contacting people at the right time. In a business where there’s not a lot of revenue growth, keeping it efficient is critical to us.




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