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Contact List and Intervention Queue

Manage compliance while improving agent productivity through human intervention, manually “clicking” to add numbers to calling campaigns.


With over 30 years of experience in the contact center arena, Noble Systems continues to innovate and lead the industry with the most comprehensive set of compliant outbound dialing tools. Whether your compliance concerns are TCPA, FDCPA, PCI-DSS or HIPAA, you will have peace of mind that Noble compliance solutions can help you meet those requirements while improving business productivity.

Reach Peak Agent Productivity & Stay Compliant
  • Administrator generates list of numbers that need to be called
  • Administrator provides human intervention to add numbers to calling campaign
  • Compliance checks performed before adding to campaign
Built-In Business Rules
  • Utilizes “Calling Windows” by Time Zone + Zip Code
  • Does not break “Delay Between Attempts” rules
  • Enforces “Maximum Attempts” rules across distinct locations & time intervals
  • Maintains exclusion and business rules
  • Enforces “Call Recording Exclusion” rules
Advanced Features & Benefits
  • Utilizes compliance filters
  • Takes advantage of Call Progress Analysis
  • Includes Answering Machine Detection
  • Does not use artificial or pre-recorded messages



Noble CLIQ (Contact List and Intervention Queue) allows contact centers to improve agent productivity through human intervention, manually “clicking” to add numbers into a calling campaign, while leveraging built-in system filters, business rules and compliance checks.



  • Confirms each record to be called
  • “Clicks” on each number to be inserted into a campaign
  • Monitors number inventory levels
  • Increases agent productivity


  • Performs compliance checks
  • Enforces company defined exclusion and business rules
  • Ensures sufficient agents are available
  • Presents agents with audio and screen pop of connected number

Noble CLIQ allows compliance & productivity to be managed easily between your platform administrator and contact center personnel.



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