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Simplify Compliance. Boost Your Bottom Line.

With on-staff compliance experts and more than a dozen compliance patents, it’s clear why Noble leads the market in helping companies manage calling regulations and risk around the world without sacrificing productivity. Imagine the impact our tools can have on your efficiency, quality and bottom line.

Now, more than ever, it is important for companies to be in compliance with industry regulations, including recentcourt rulings. Noble Systems has been providing contact centers with proven solutions for Customer Contacts, Workforce Management, and Analytics for over 30 years. Founded by a former call center operator, we understand the challenges that these organizations face every day. We are a leader in delivering compliant solutions, with compliance experts on staff and a number of patents for exclusive compliance technologies.

Noble’s Compliance-Ready Contact Solutions provide innovative, state of the art toolsets, delivering features, reports, and tools to help you manage your operations in accordance with government legislation and industry guidelines around the world. From FCC TCPA criteria for wireless calling and automated dialing, to PCI-DSS and GDPR regulations for data privacy and security and CFPB calling guidelines,  plus a range of other regulatory statutes – including FDCPA, FTC, TSR, TCPA, PCI, HIPAA, Ofcom, ACMA, and more – we’ll help you reduce risk and reach your contact goals.


Lock-down Rules

Noble’s “Lock-down” Compliance Appliance Server is set so that it cannot be modified or enhanced to store lists or to generate random or sequential numbers, allowing separation of automated and manual dialing.

Wireless Number Dialing

The patented Compliance Appliance addresses TCPA Wireless Number dialing rules, while also screening records for other FCC and calling regulations. In addition, our industry-leading Best Time to Call tools can help predict the optimum time to dial a wireless number to get the best result, segregating landline numbers that are automatically dialed and wireless numbers that are manually dialed into separate queues for improved management.

DNC & Opt-Out/Consent Lists

DNC list management and dynamic list scrubbing, plus optout mechanisms and consent tracking that automatically updates global tables.

Abandon Call Rates

Noble manages a 3% abandon call cap with a ‘governor’ for pacing management and hold messages. Noble can also set a minimum number of rings per call and bridge announcements to span the interval before the agent gets the call, as well as the ability to play an abandon message in the event that the thresholds are breached.

Calling Hours and Attempts

Noble allows users to specify time windows for campaign dialing, at the customer’s country, state, area code, or exchange level, with holiday overrides. Our CAMS tools can help you manage complex rules for calling attempts per time period, preferred/prohibited calling times, and other restrictions.

Record With Consent

Stereo recording allows customer audio to be turned off when consent isn’t given, while retaining the agent-side recording.

ANI Broadcasting

Sophisticated utilities to display and manipulate the ANI (or Calling Line ID) that is broadcast with the outbound call at a campaign level, and even on a per call level.

Data Security

Multi-level security protects your sensitive customer data, with user-defined permissions and role-based access down to the field level. Our secure payment tools keep confidential data safe. Encryption at rest, server hardening, advanced password management, and secure-level support options can be used as a part of your overall business compliance practices.


Compliance tools for PCI-DSS, DNC Registries, TSR, TCPA, CFPB, FDCPA, HIPAA, Ofcom, ACMA, GDPR, HIPAA, and more
Patented Compliance Appliance® for wireless number dialing
Compliance dialing lockdown to manage abandon rate caps
Opt-out mechanism for DNC lists and auto-DNC and Consent management
ANI/CLID broadcasting at campaign level or per-call basis
Stereo and Mono recording for managing dual-consent requirements
Wireless list scrubbing
Easily restrict call hours at the country, state, area code or exchange level
Enhanced security for payment processing and personal data
And so much more…



Noble has the most feature-rich outbound dialing solutions in the industry – including numerous patented compliance solutions, which address issues such as TCPA and data security, and enforcing FCC regulations. Noble also has a solid reputation for being a leader in the areas of regulation, often championing legislation that protects the industry, and consumers as well. – Frost & Sullivan


COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS. Noble provides a variety of solutions that help you stay in compliance and protect all of your data — without impacting contact center performance or efficiency. Let us show you how.



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