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Noble Composer Omnichannel Multi-session Agent Desktop

The Tools Your Agents Need to Effectively Connect With Customers

Noble gives you the right tools to take your performance from ordinary to extraordinary. The multi-session agent desktop makes the most efficient use of agent time and improves the effectiveness of customer contacts.

Today’s customer has more choices than ever before, both voice and text-based, with which they can contact your business. Regardless of the communication channel they choose, the only constant is that customers want accurate, timely information. Delivering the information to each customer in their preferred method creates a lot of ground for contact centers to cover. Noble Composer Multi-session Agent helps you maximize agent productivity with multi-session omnichannel agent assignments, allowing agents to handle multiple voice and non-voice contacts concurrently, with tracking for time and activities in each channel.


Move Seamlessly from Inbound to Outbound, Voice and Web

More than half of all contact centers today use four or more interactive media channels (such as voice, IVR, social media, web, email, or fax) to engage their clients1. The next evolution of the omnichannel environment – where agents can handle multiple types of contacts in a single queue – takes full advantage of every opportunity to engage customers and agents for even more responsive service. We call this the “Multi-session Agent” – a solution that enables your agents to not only handle multiple types of contacts, but to also have multiple customer interactions open simultaneously.

Due to the nature of a phone call, voice interactions are a very active engagement, and require an agent’s undivided attention. However, non-voice or text-based contacts (email, SMS, web chat) typically have lags within the conversation, providing productivity gaps for the agent. The Multi-session Agent helps eliminate those gaps by filling the inherent wait time with agent activity, enabling them to assist more than one customer at a time.

With the Noble Composer Multi-session Agent tools, the number and type of concurrent sessions can be set for each agent; some agents may handle only two email sessions at a time, while others may handle four (or more) sessions with both email and web chat. Users can also define priority settings, skills routing, and rules for each simultaneous agent session; for example, an agent can only handle a fifth chat session if no other more skilled agents are available. Each session is shown as a separate interaction on the Agent Desktop, and all open sessions appear in the agent’s workspace so they can move between sessions at the click of a button.

The Harmony real-time manager console allows supervisors to easily see which agents are working on which contacts and in which channels*. Every interaction and activity is tracked and logged by channel and by agent for complete reporting. And every session, whether voice or text-based, can be recorded for QA and evaluation purposes.

Noble’s Multi-session Agent solution can be a game-changer for contact centers in terms of growing productivity, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience. We invite you to contact us today for a demo to learn more.



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