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Improve Your Contact Strategies with Best Time to Contact

Maintain productivity while meeting manual dialing regulations with Noble Contact AI. This solution applies predictive models to identify and schedule the best calls for each hour of the day, including queues for landlines and wireless contacts, by weighing things like contact probability, account priority and agent availability.



Whether selling new product or collecting past due payments, in today’s environment it is more challenging than ever to contact customers. Contact automation has become an integral part of most strategies, but cannot determine the right time to call the right customer and get the right result. Noble® Contact AI software integrates with automated systems to optimize dialer and agent productivity by balancing available agent resources with the probability of customer contact and customer importance, applying predictive models to help organizations schedule the best contacts for each hour of the day.

Predictive Analytics for Optimized Call Scheduling

More and more customers are giving up their landlines and relying solely on cell phones, email or web channels. Legislation, regulation and the courts are making it harder than ever to include cell phone numbers in automated calling campaigns, and customers channel preferences are critical to customer satisfaction. Widespread availability of Caller ID makes it easier than ever to avoid unwanted calls.

Legacy contact campaign strategies such as balance- and score-based prioritization or high penetration targets are not only ineffective, they can put your operation “at risk” with your most valuable assets: your customers. The reality is you need a more sophisticated approach in order to get the most out of each contact attempt.

You need a way to find your customers quickly – to get there first, ahead of the competition – and to keep finding them as behavior patterns change over time. A way to optimally schedule contacts based on your available resources that allows you to efficiently reach the most Right-Party-Contacts (“RPCs”).

That’s why Noble provides Contact AI, a powerful contact scheduling solution that can help you maximize the dollars generated per agent per hour – all within your budgetary, compliance and resource-allocation goals.

Contact AI uses a patented predictive analytics engine that automatically optimizes daily outbound call schedules in alignment with your business rules and strategies.

Scheduling begins each morning when Contact AI automatically processes a copy of the day’s contact list. It segments the list according to rules and calculates contact probabilities for each record. Then it matches each segment with the resources assigned to work it and builds the optimal schedule to meet your unique objective for each campaign. By using this powerful combination of data in the list and historical results, Contact AI automatically builds models that are highly predictive, even if a record has never been seen before in the outbound queue.

The bottom line? Contact AI can dramatically increase your agents’ productivity and reduce costs by maximizing the time each agent spends talking to the customers that matter the most to your business.



    • Powerful Capabilities for Fast, Cost-Effective Proactive Contact Contact
      AI offers a range of capabilities, each designed to meet the real-world needs of today’s outbound contact operations. Available for both premise and cloud environments, with the same features.
    • Automatic Model Refreshing
      Contact AI automatically refreshes its models on a monthly basis, using the most recent call history data. This process means that you can take into account the effect that different seasons or yearly events have on individual behavior. Updating the models also ensures that the most predictive information is always available.
    • Flexible Scheduling Based on Your Objectives
      Each schedule built by Contact AI targets an objective that you can set. That might be as simple as maximizing contacts or payments, or it might be maximizing contacts to certain types of records such as those with high balances or response scores. Prioritizing certain records within a larger population in this way keeps the dialer running smoothly while still meeting the needs of your business.
    • Strategy Simulation and Resource Forecasting
      Maximizing effectiveness of a proactive campaign requires finding the right mix of records, call targeting, intensity, and agent resources for each campaign. The Contact AI Simulation tool allows you to test many possible combinations before deploying the best solution in production – and with no risk to your current operations. Once you have identified the right staffing level to meet your objectives, you can use the output of the Simulation tool to guide your workforce management application to the optimal agent schedule for your business.
    • Champion/Challenger Testing
      Contact AI transparently integrates Champion/Challenger Testing into the call strategy process. The random selection of participants and the transparent distribution of work help ensure completely non-biased and effective testing. An internal random number generator allows the user to split a portion of the calling list into several segments and compare the effects of different treatments on identical populations.
    • Robust Reporting
      Contact AI offers a rich suite of reports for overall results, hour by-hour activities, scorecard performance and many other requirements.
    • An Open Database
      The solution automatically builds an open database that contains daily campaign results. This provides a single source of several months of record level call history, always available for customized and ad hoc reporting.
    • Ease of Use
      Business professionals have found that Contact AI is easy to learn and even easier to use. Interface screens and work processes are designed to be clear, concise and highly intuitive. Help keys provide ready answers to almost any question, and Noble support professionals are available with more information if required.




When we added Contact AI, we saw a 26% uptick in RPCs. And because we were improving our list strategies and reaching more people, we were making fewer junk calls – which resulted in a $10,000 reduction in our monthly telecom charges.


PROVEN TO DELIVER A MEASURABLE AND SIGNIFICANT ROI. Leverages historical data and real-time results to make informed decisions and improve results. Reduces wasted dials and attempts. Let us show you how it works.



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