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Noble® Conversations Analytics Now

In-call Screening Promotes Real-time Service Improvements

Noble’s real-time speech analytics can help identify situations in the moment, then help agents take the next step automatically.

Noble® Conversations Analytics Now accelerates the intelligence gained from traditional speech analytics by analyzing live interactions and providing immediate feedback as they are happening. With real-time speech analytics (RTSA), CA Now acts like a personalized coach on every call, to identify issues and opportunities, suggest actions, check quality and compliance, and rate the experience. The ability to take action quickly while conforming to best practices and compliance regulations results in a better customer experience, improved customer satisfaction, decreased customer and agent churn, reduced costs, and increased revenues.


Real-time Screening for More Responsive Service

CA Now “listens” to every agent interaction, providing a virtual coaching partner for each agent. Noble’s real-time screening monitors each call and triggers an alert when a conditioned user-defined phrase is detected (or is not detected) during a conversation in the agent or called-party side of the interaction. Alerts, suggestions, and reminders are pushed to the agents using the Composer Agent Desktop and appear automatically in the agent workflow.

With access to real-time information and decisioning tools, agents can respond immediately to emerging issues as they are happening. The system can also notify a manager that an agent needs assistance with a difficult caller. You can answer customer questions or resolve issues more efficiently, or take advantage of the potential for a new sale or service upgrade.

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Management & Agent Alerts

Whenever a user-defined phrase or phrases are detected (or not detected), Managers receive automated alerts in the Harmony Manager Desktop. An alert icon is displayed for the active agent and managers can click for more information, or to mitigate the issue immediately by initiating coaching or barging into the call. The issue can be resolved while the customer is engaged to improve customer satisfaction and save callback time and costs.

Agents receive real-time alerts on the desktop application while the agent is still connected to a call. In the Composer agent workflow, the system presents information that is relevant to the context of the conversation, based on identified triggers. This feature can also be used to automatically coach an agent, reducing handle time by eliminating agent searches for information, or for manager help requests on how to handle the situation.

Live Interaction Scoring

Phrase detection can also be categorized into two scoring factors for each call, aiding in performance management.

  • Compliance Score: Measures agent conformance with rules, regulations, or best practices. Conformance factors are critical to achieving call objectives, as well as to the organization’s overall regulatory compliance programs.
  • Positivity Score: Uses phrases or sentiment detection to indicate whether a call is going positively or negatively. A higher score indicates that it is a positive call, with a higher chance of getting the desired outcome, while a negative score signals that the call is not following your organization’s best practice standards.



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