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Leverage Recordings to Gain Actionable BI

Spot trends, improve quality assurance, measure script adherence, determine training needs, and more. Robust business intelligence with key analytic functionality help you uncover what is affecting your KPIs, so you develop effective solutions.

Noble® Conversations Analytics leverages large volumes of recorded conversations to gain actionable business intelligence. As part of a unified platform, Noble makes it possible to use the analyze call recordings to spot trends, identify underlying reasons for customer calls, improve your quality assurance programs, measure script adherence, determine training needs, and much more. Noble gives you robust performance management capabilities with key analytic functionality so you can uncover what is affecting your KPIs, develop solutions, provide proactive responses, and track effectiveness at an agent level.


Share the Right Knowledge with the Right People

Your contact center captures the conversations occurring between your agents and your customers. But, trying to make sense of this raw data can be a rather daunting task. Getting it into the hands of those who need it most can be even harder to do. Noble Conversations Analytics allows your contact center to capture, synthesize and disperse the business intelligence locked inside your customer communications. Simply put, we get the right information to the supervisors and analysts who can use it to affect change.

Learn & Improve from Every Conversation

Whether you need to increase resolution rates, manage handle times, find compliance breakdowns, or address other challenges within your center, the power to solve these problems is within your customer conversations. How are my agents interacting with customers and are my customers satisfied? How are we performing against key initiatives? Are we adhering to proper protocol on every customer conversation? What best practices can we elevate?

Find Answers Quickly, Drive Performance

With Noble, finding answers to these questions is easy. You can structure searches to find words or phrases, without being restricted by a dictionary. Once you have found what you are looking for, save the search to run reports and establish trends. Saved searches can also be used to generate quality initiatives that become the areas in which your agents’ performance is scored – so you can ensure that their performance aligns with goals. 100% of your captured communications can be used to generate agent scores, and events can be tagged so you can always find a conversation for a specific agent, on a specific topic. Once you find the right communications, you can drive agent performance with meaningful coaching through initiative-focused scorecards and coaching forms.

Go Beyond Metrics to Achieve Business Goals

Defining and tracking metrics as they relate to agent performance lets you go beyond behavioral issues to find business processes and procedures that might stand in the way of achieving goals. Noble gives your company the tools to make critical changes that can help decrease costs, increase revenue, and improve customer experiences.

Actionable BI


Digital Storage of Call Audio for Quality Playback
Fully Unified Platform: integrated solution combines the power of Noble’s agent desktop, recording, speech analytics & reporting into a single platform
Ad-hoc searches: search across all your content, even for specific or unique terms to the given situation; no pre-set dictionary is required, enabling searches across 35+ languages & any volume of content, without restrictions
Inquiries: user defined audio searches that are tailored to your business, combining filters, metadata and time/date parameters to define highly specific and relevant searches
Agent Monitoring for Compliance to Scripts & Programs: automatically screen up to 100% of recorded calls to find out immediately how agents are performing on key metrics, including compliance & positivity results
Intuitive User Environment: easy to use for both casual users & power users
– Casual Users can conduct ad-hoc mining of calls based on a combination of call attributes & speech analysis
– Power Users can perform very detailed audio investigation using the same capabilities
Screen Capture: Verify information & improve agent workflows 



We use Noble Analytics as a part of our integrated contact strategy. It enables us to manage teams more effectively and to pinpoint areas for improvement and better coach our agents.


LEVERAGE LARGE VOLUMES OF RECORDED CONVERSATIONS. By breaking language into “phonemes” (the smallest unit of human speech), Noble searches and records are more accurate to give you key analytic functionality so you develop more effective solutions. Let us show you how.



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