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Noble Gamification Receives 2020 CCW Excellence Award for Workforce Innovations Solution of the Year

  • September 3, 2020
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Manchester, UK
  • Melbourne, AU

Noble Systems Corporation, a global leader in omnichannel contact center technology solutions, is excited to announce that its innovative Noble® Gamification solution has received the 2020 CCW Excellence Award for Workforce Innovations Solution of the Year. The Awards were presented at the CCW At Home 2020 Virtual event.

Noble Gamification software helps companies increase employee engagement, resulting in increased productivity and reduced attrition across the generational spectrum of agents and at all organizational levels. Gamification technologies use challenges and competitions to make it easier to train and motivate team members by recognizing achievements and rewarding them for meeting business goals. Three key differentiators that help Noble stand out from other vendors’ gamification products include:

  1. Competitions. Competitions are a key motivator for agent engagement. Noble Gamification allows for endless variation of competition, such as agent versus agent, team versus team, location versus location, or user-defined group versus user-defined group. Competitions are easy to set up or change on-the-fly and encourage agent participation.
  2. Ease of Use. Supervisors can quickly and easily add on any number of contests or games, in real-time or scheduled, often with a few mouse clicks. It is also easy for award recipients to redeem points for rewards (monetary and non-monetary). For coaching and learning, results are integrated into scorecards, which make it very easy to see where agents are in terms of guidance needs. Additionally, the platform has an integrated learning management system, with game mechanics applied to easily facilitate agent training.
  3. The Normalization Engine. Noble Gamification has the ability to gamify anybody. The integrated platform normalizes the process of recognizing and rewarding employees, regardless of tenure and experience in the organization and ties opportunity and reward across the organization, from agents and supervisors to business unit leaders and executives – going beyond the contact center to reach across the entire organization. Because everyone has a stake and can be given recognition, it also motivates supervisors and team leaders, and allows for executives to participate directly by giving rewards and recognizing achievements while having visibility into performance and results.

The CCW Excellence Awards honor, recognize and promote individuals and teams who have made a commitment to driving superior contact center and CX performance. The awards are dedicated to recognizing world-class thinking, creativity and execution across the full spectrum of contact center functions.

“We’re excited that Noble Gamification continues to be recognized across the industry for its impact on workforce engagement,” said Chris Hodges, SVP sales and marketing. “The product’s unique approach creates equity and normalizes KPIs across disparate groups and campaigns and includes built-in redemption tools to quickly deliver rewards. Noble Gamification brings customers a wealth of benefits, from exceptional agent and supervisor engagement to significant cost reductions.”


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