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Pump Up Productivity By Gamifying Your Contact Center

71% of all employees are not engaged while they’re at work and the average call center has a 26% attrition rate. Noble Gamification users turn those numbers around with engaging contests, recognition and rewards. In short, it’s the engagement solution that maximizes your ROI.



Noble Gamification solutions are designed to increase productivity and reduce employee turnover across all generations – from Boomers and Millennials to the fast-growing Gen-Z workforce. Whether your employees are motivated most by incentives or recognition, competition or collaboration, we’ve got you covered. In short, Noble Gamification transforms daily routines into rewarding rivalries that give everyone a reason to do their best.

Automate, Scale and Fire Up Competition

The days of competition whiteboards and manual SPIFFS are over. Today, call centers need to drive performance immediately. With Noble Gamification software our clients use a list of competition mechanics that can be fired up in under a minute. Create a contest in only 5 fields. Launch head-tohead “duels” with ease. Even better, our Normalization Engine allows you to create equity between agents on dissimilar campaigns. Whether Agent vs. Agent, Team vs. Team or Center vs. Center, it is all managed efficiently through our Competition Engine.

Send Rewards Instantly with Digital Gift Cards

Want to reward your agents with ease? Leverage Noble Systems’ integration with the largest eGift Card provider in the United States. We give agents the ability to redeem their points for a reward of their choice. You’ll never have to send someone to the store to get a stack of gift cards again. To add variety, utilize our Live Auction. Agents can bid on prizes in a virtual auction, creating more buzz and competition for key rewards.

Dynamically Align Agent Activity with Contact Center Goals

Focus agents on the outcomes that matter most to your call center. We make it easy to create and set goals from within your “sandbox.” That way, as your organizational objectives change, your Agents will stay up-to-date and aligned with the latest goals each day.

Level Up the Status of High-Achievers

Making agents and supervisors feel important among their peers is a valuable motivator. Noble Gamification software provides leveling to create status rankings among employees. These symbols of status follow them wherever they appear within the game.

Leverage Public Recognition with Leaderboards

Utilize Noble’s public leaderboards to recognize your employee’s achievements. This makes it easier for slower agents to see where their performance is falling short and who to ask for help. It also gives high-performing agents greater recognition from their teams.

Unify Communication to Ignite Performance

Noble’s gamification clients have the ability to leverage peer-to-peer or supervisor-to-agent collaboration to fluidly share best practices among the employee community. Additionally, supervisors have access to utilize Noble’s Coaching software. It’s integrated directly in the user interface and allows for immediate course correction. That way, the whole team succeeds.

Leverage Game Mechanics for Training Programs

Gamified learning management tools and an employee survey engine are fluidly integrated within the existing Noble Gamification platform. These integrations make training more engaging, which yields lower training costs and an increase in customer satisfaction. It also helps you better understand what rewards agents want and what support they need to stay engaged and meet goals.

Noble Gamification


  • COMPETITIONS: Agent Duels, Company Contests & Tournaments
    • Automate, scale, & fire-up competitions instantly; dramatically decrease management time required for setting up, managing, and rewarding competitions
    •  Impact performance immediately with live dashboards and automated rewards; eliminate manual tracking and SPIFFS
    •  Accommodate agent vs. agent, team vs. team, or center vs. center, location vs location, or custom group vs group formats
    • Produce parity among agents – top 20%, middle 60%, and bottom 20% — to drive the best impact on the middle.
  • REWARDS: Monetary and Non-Monetary
    • Facilitate instant agent gratification with an integrated points system
    • Leverage Noble’s integration with a Gift Card Provider to quickly redeem points for tangible rewards; gain efficiency by removing manual processes and fulfillment
    • Add variety with diverse Redemption features, including Live Auction and Raffle Wheel, and track rewards
  • GOAL SETTING: My Goals is the behavior outcome driver of all game activity
    • Display My Goals to agents on all four of the User Interfaces, made up of individual scorecards
    • Set and communicate clear goals; agents and supervisors know what is expected of them
    • Align agent activity with call center objectives, even when they change frequently and focus agents on the outcomes that matter the most to your call center
  • STATUS: Making agents & supervisors feel important among their peers is a valuable motivator
    • Tie “Leveling” to an Agent’s or Supervisor’s Goals, further driving organizational alignment
    • Build Status among employees, as the level indicators follow them wherever they appear within the platform
  • RECOGNITION: Quickly recognize employee Achievements & Status using Leaderboards
    • Easily access dynamic leaderboards via several app stores to enhance value by leveraging public recognition
    • Display Top Down or Peer-to-Peer results and push information easily and intuitively through the user’s Newsfeed
    • Establish Status among employees by making Achievements visible to co-workers and up-line managers.
    • Increase agent motivation to complete training, and combat boredom and turnover by rewarding agents for new skills
  • COLLABORATION & SOCIAL: Ignite performance through a unified communication program
    • Leverage peer-to-peer or supervisor-to-agent collaboration to fluidly share best practices among the employee community
    • Immediately correct course through the integrated Supervisor Coaching platform, available directly in the User Interfaces
  • LEARNING & TRAINING: integrated Gamified Learning Management System (GLMS)
    • Accelerate training outcomes by leveraging game mechanics, design more engaging training programs and activities to improve motivation
    • Upload existing content from a variety of formats, including: .XLSX, .Docx, .PPT, .MOV, .MP3, .PDF or create new content with flexible tools, such as: YouTube, Vimeo, Quizzes, Survey, eSign, WYSWYG Editor, etc.
    • Link to Scorecards: all training initiatives can be made into dashboard scorecards; Link to eCoaching; all coaching sessions have a “fast link” to all training content within the GLMS
    • Identify knowledge gaps easily and launch training material from the unified platform or push Training Alerts to the desktop
  • E-COACHING: Help agents improve performance to meet goals, increase engagement & overall results for the team
    • Provide assistance to under-performing agents with ‘live coach’ tools for business managers and supervisors
    • Identify downward performance trends; filtering by Scorecard value helps to isolate coaching efforts
    • Easily locate performance gaps; so you can see where coaching is needed to move under-performing agents from the red to the green zone
    • Allow Agents to submit coaching requests from their desktops, helping them achieve their targets and award Experience Points for Supervisors and Spendable Points for Agents on completion of a coaching session to encourage positive participation
    • See the impact of a coaching session by tracking performance in the coaching window, and set follow-ups to promote continued improvement



Noble Gamification moved our bottom lines and helped us to improve key metrics by almost 20% across the board. We put it in our lowest performing groups and it has helped us increase performance and reduce agent turnover. I recommend it to any contact center looking to improve morale and productivity.



MOTIVATE BOOMERS, MILLENNIALS & MORE. Available on-premise and as a Noble Cloud service. Integrates seamlessly with Noble’s Contact Center and WFM solutions. Let us show you how it works.




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