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Noble® Gamified Learning Management System (GLMS)

Leverage Game Mechanics with Integrated Learning & Training

Driving higher customer experience scores starts with increasing employee aptitude. An educated agent is an empowered agent. Noble’s GLMS helps you easily identify knowledge gaps, and create and deliver training programs from the unified Noble Gamification platform.

Noble’s Gamified Learning Management System (GLMS) enables organizations to scale and accelerate learning across the entire enterprise. We combine gamified learning tools, an employee survey engine with the ability to easily load training material or build new content and assign it to individuals or teams – so you can motivate your team members to complete training to meet goals. Noble’s powerful GLMS ties directly to our robust collection of game mechanics, helping you create highly motivated learners. Make your training programs more engaging to reduce onboarding time, increase compliance adherence, lower costs, and deploy new programs more quickly.

Noble Gamification



Accelerate Learning using Game Mechanics
  • Design more engaging training programs and activities to improve motivation
  • Upload existing content from a variety of formats (.xlsx, .docx, .ppt, .mov, .mp3, .pdf) or create new content with flexible tools, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Quizzes, Survey, eSign, WYSWYG Editor, etc.
  • Identify knowledge gaps easily and launch training material from the unified platform
  • Link to Scorecards – all training initiatives can be made into dashboard scorecards
  • Link to eCoaching – all coaching sessions have a “fast link” to all training content within the GLMS
Create Content for Different Teaching Applications
  • Build content for general lessons, classroom lessons, surveys or open formats
  • Store presentations, quizzes and surveys
  • Assign by Team Managers or allow users to self-assign
  • Gather instant feedback
Track Progress & Accountability
  • Report and audit on an executive and operational level
  • Generate scorecards for any agent
  • Require eSignatures for content approval by advisors
  • Reward completed training with Badges for peer recognition and award Spendable Points which can be redeemed for monetary and non-monetary prizes
Build or Upload Content and Distribute Instantly
  • Generate training materials quickly with a flexible content builder, and upload or embed content from external sources
  • Notify teams, individuals, campaigns or your entire workforce of content
  • Publish notifications to leaderboards, news feeds, email and training specific notification toolbar
  • Alert employees of their assigned trainings
  • Assign content by individual, groups of individuals, teams, campaigns or system-wide



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