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Efficiently Manage Inbound & Outbound Omnichannel Contacts

Monitor programs in real time and identify areas for improvement that will help you meet performance goals. Our comprehensive suite of features enables you to choose the strategies that best fit your organization’s needs, both now and in the future.

Noble® Harmony is a powerful browser-based access tool for remote and mobile contact center management. Harmony allows managers to move freely around the center and have access to the intuitive management portal for directing and monitoring inbound and outbound contacts. The system’s easy-to-use interface enables managers to efficiently oversee the setup and management of your contact center applications, agents, data and lists, real-time activities, and compliance actions. Supervisors can see what their teams are doing and view real-time activities via handheld devices and tablets.


Manage Your Centers with Real Time Information

Harmony shows real-time information to help you manage programs without being tied to a desk. Whether on the floor or working from a remote site, our mobile tools help you keep on top of who is doing what, see who needs assistance, view phone lines and status, monitor agent calls, setup and manage agents and applications, access real-time reports, assign and maintain resources, and more. The intuitive interface enables managers to efficiently oversee the setup and management of contact center applications. User-friendly “wizards” lead managers through common administrative tasks in step-by-step processes. Manage center resources, phone lines, stations, data, routing, messaging, digital recording, playback, quality scorecards, and system rules.

Maximize Your Resources & Efficiency

Harmony provides tools for determining maximum efficiency, cost effectiveness and productivity. With easy-to-use Wizards for common administrative tasks, the system helps managers setup new programs, direct inbound and outbound calls, monitor productivity, and conduct training. Online views let users generate agent, group, list status, and application statistics using real-time information.

Monitor Organizational Performance & Increase Center Productivity

Managers can use Harmony to provide views of real-time statistics for agents and groups, list and calling results, dialing efficiencies, drop ratios, phone line histories, and more. Harmony allows supervisors to set-up agent groups and workflows and to ensure that each group receives calls from the appropriate queue, along with the on-screen information needed to successfully complete the call. IVR, skills-based routing, and system monitoring can be accessed for real-time management. Managers can also select agent monitoring, analyze call recordings for QA scoring and compliance, manage data, and more.

See Your KPIs Faster with Customized Layouts

The Harmony lets you monitor agent stations, phone lines, and lists, display a real-time dashboard, and build queries from an array of variables. With layout customization tools, managers can arrange how KPI information is displayed on the dashboard, so that they can access frequently-used screens more quickly. Managers can also set alerts to be triggered on specific activities and parameters, quickly find and analyze individual applications and agents, manage list assignments, and much more.

Choose the Device That Meets Your Needs, Wherever You Are

Using mobile devices, including laptops, smart phones, desktops and handheld appliances (including MacOS®/iOS®, Android®, Windows® or Linux® devices), the Harmony application is available no matter where you are. Harmony’s ‘browser agnostic’ design works with virtually any major browser application, such as Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc, to connect contact center managers to their dialer/ACD platform.

Noble Contact Center Solution


Real-time Contact Center Management : agent stations, queue monitoring; dashboard & alerts, control panel, assignments & scheduling, active filtering, custom layouts, integration to Noble Reporting module, audit logging & security/permission settings
Flexible Environment: supports multiple browsers, operating systems & devices* (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari; Android, Mac/iOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome; Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops, Desktops, Internet Appliances), reduces dependence on office infrastructure (single installation, easier to upgrade; requires less bandwidth; tolerates relative high latency (240ms))
Quick Access to Common Tasks and Tools: agent & campaign setup, application monitoring, dialing filters, compliance, manager access, pause types, call transfers, & voice messages
Advanced Functionality: IVR, skills-based routing, digital voice and screen recording, agent monitoring, recording playback, real-time analytics, quality assurance and scoring
Agent & Group Management: assign agents, stations, groups, queues, service levels, pacing modes, lines, view activities, & more
Application Management: assign workflows, manage application settings, monitor performance, & view results
Data Management: call list management to build, filter, assign lists, & manage Do Not Call and wireless numbers
IVR/Call Flow Builder: setup IVR menus, assign routing rules, & manage automated/broadcast messaging
Quality Assurance & Recording: manage voice & video digital recording, create QA scorecards, playback calls for scoring & evaluation, screen active calls for compliance and customer experience factors, and view QA results & recording statistics
Station and/or Line Monitoring: side-by-side & remote; listen, coach & barge modes
Call Routing Management: control routing & call workflows, assign skills-based routing rules, and manage call transfers, line settings, queues, & audio
Inbound Service Features: manage inbound groups and campaigns, including message recordings for hold queues and IVR menus, skills-based routing assignments, and DNIS groups, plus enhanced controls for creating and maintaining ACD routes
Outbound Campaign Features: manage outbound groups, lists and campaigns, including call pacing, dispositions, automated messaging, screening for busies, incompletes and answering machines, caller ID, callback settings, and more
SmartAccept®: dramatically shrinks the average speed to answer (ASA), increases service levels, decreases telecom costs, and provides a better customer experience
SmartRecover®: significantly reduces dropped calls by automatically re-routing calls in the event of a technical issue (such as network loss)

*Functionality shown is for currently released version of Harmony; older versions may not include all features listed above. Some browser and OS environments may have limited functions; specific functionality will be dependent upon licensed software. Ask your sales rep for more information.



With the real-time manager views, we havebconstant feedback on what is happening. Managers receive continuous updates on the number of contacts handled, how agents are using their time, productivity levels, what lists and strategies are working and which ones under-perform, etc, so that we can manage programs and resources more effectively.


REAL-TIME CONTACT MANAGEMENT LEADS TO BETTER RESULTS. Noble’s Management toolset gives you the power to efficiently manage inbound and outbound contacts and to monitor and analyze activities and information. Let us show you how it works.

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