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Noble Systems Prescribes a More Engaged Patient Experience for Healthcare Organizations

  • March 24, 2021
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Manchester, UK
  • Melbourne, AU

Noble Systems Corporation, a global leader in omnichannel contact center technology solutions, is helping healthcare organizations meet changing patient demands for more streamlined patient services. With three decades of experience in innovation for the customer experience, Noble can provide the tools to create a more personalized patient journey, helping improve patient acquisition and retention, driving high-value service line growth, and extending patient lifetime value.

Healthcare contact centers, most often the first point of patient contact, are typically tasked with handling a wide range of functions. They answer for everything from call routing to scheduling appointments, triage, admissions, referrals and billing questions. Many struggle to meet all of these needs. Additional demands of the coronavirus pandemic and transitioning to an at-home workforce have tested their limits even further.

Hospital administrators in today’s healthcare environment are laser-focused on a top priority: Improving the patient experience. A recent survey indicated that 81% of hospital and health system executives identified improving the patient experience as a high priority for their organization. Good communication is essential to the patient experience and positive outcomes.

The use of fragmented contact center technologies can obstruct good communication, prevent efficiencies, and diminish patient satisfaction, undermining your investment in the systems and throwing up a roadblock in your path to improve patient care. A unified approach pays off for the enterprise, patients, and employees. Creating a vibrant, integrated contact center technology framework can ultimately lead to an improved patient experience. It also provides opportunities to reduce IT costs, increase efficiencies, and improve revenue collection.

Noble’s powerful technology solutions for the Healthcare industry give you the tools to enhance agent productivity, save resources, improve appointment scheduling, increase payments on patient accounts, and improve the patient experience with more proactive service. Our robust suite of omnichannel contact center, workforce engagement, and analytics tools help you manage the entire patient lifecycle, from revenue management to relationship management.

One of the nation’s leading vision laser eye surgery providers uses the Noble Contact Center solution to manage lead generation and appointment setting, as well as regulatory compliance. The company’s dialer manager said, “Noble makes it easy to get calls where they need to go; we have different brands, we have different languages, we have customer service, we have technical. With Noble, it’s easy to point those calls to where we need them to go. Web chat and SMS texting brings in the millennial crowd, connecting with the people who use the 4-5” screen in their hands, and puts us in a category to connect with them faster. With Noble’s compliance tools, we can follow all the rules and regulations, and it helps keep us compliant with TCPA and across the board.”

A top radiology services group uses the Noble Contact Center to manage contacts more efficiently, along with Noble WEM for workforce scheduling. This combination has allowed them to achieve greater efficiencies. The group’s director observed: “Noble is extremely efficient in adjusting outbound pacing when we have inbound calls. We don’t lose inbound calls to long hold times while agents finish outbound calls. At the same time, we can also now make all of our outbound referral follow-up calls without leaving calls unattempted at the end of the day. We can also use it to contact patients in emergencies, such as unexpected clinic closures; what once would have taken 10 hours we are now able to call in 30 minutes.”

A large healthcare collections organization uses Noble Gamification to keep employees engaged and improve retention rates – especially important to maintaining motivation when so many teams have had to shift to remote working – which ultimately leads to higher productivity. “The biggest problem we were trying to solve was attrition, which was close to 55%. With Noble’s gamification solution and expertise, we’ve seen drastic improvement. Employee attrition is down to 12% — so it definitely seems to be working,” said the company’s director of operations. “Collections is a hard line of work, but bringing in gamification really helped improve the attitude and experience of our agents, which then goes on to the consumer that is on the phone, and it really does translate well to them. We’ve seen increases in all our KPIs goals, including dialer adherence, total calls, and talk time percentage. KPIs that we previously thought were unattainable have been blown out of the water and have even exceeded the targets.”

Chris Hodges, SVP sales and marketing, said: “Noble Systems has been in the customer contact technology business for more than thirty years, and we’ve worked with numerous healthcare organizations. Today’s healthcare consumers want better and more personalized care, more access to information and lower costs. There is also a range of growing trends in healthcare patient services, such as cloud-based healthcare contact centers to eliminate business interruption and omnichannel communications to create an experiential patient journey. Health systems need to deliver consistent, positive patient experiences each and every time, regardless of how that communication with patients and customers happens. Whether you’re a hospital, medical group, or service bureau specializing in medical accounts, Noble can provide the tools you need to create a productive, connected and efficient healthcare services operation.”

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