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The Smart Solution for Inbound Contacts

Improve the productivity and efficiency of incoming customer contacts with a unified solution that manages all inbound channels. Get customers to the right agent, right away, so you can improve your first-call resolutions and build customer satisfaction. 

Noble® Inbound provides a unified solution for managing multi-media inbound communications within a universal queue. The Noble ACD uses skills based routing to effectively manage inbound calls, emails, chats, and faxes into your contact center in a single resource. Other features include digital messaging, interactive voice response (IVR), priority queuing, PBX integration, and multi-site networking. Through a combination of intelligent routing and comprehensive real-time management tools, your organization can simultaneously maximize customer service and contact center productivity.


Maximize Agent Resources

Noble turns your agents into universal agents, managing blended contacts at each station. Rather than sitting idle while waiting for incoming contacts, your agents can handle outbound communications, including voice, email, web or fax. The results? Improved agent efficiency, and increased contact center productivity.

Define Priority Queues by Program

With Noble, you can define how contacts enter the queue to help control wait times during busy periods. You can set priority queuing levels for all inbound and outbound communications channels. Using DNIS detection, contacts can be prioritized by program, according to service level goals, for speed of response.

Maintain Unified Contact Histories 

Noble’s built-in enterprise relational database stores all customer contact histories in a single, unified database. You can view communications and notes for all inbound and outbound contacts in one place for efficient account management.

Increase First-Call Resolutions

The Noble Inbound toolset provides intelligent routing to distribute inbound contacts efficiently, reducing the number of abandoned or dropped inbound calls. Skills-based Routing and other defined parameters direct your customers to the most appropriate agent or group to handle their call. Fewer call transfers and “hold” times help you serve your customers needs on the first call.

Offer Customer Self-Service

Noble Inbound works with our built-in IVR features. You can offer callers the information they want through self-service options, reducing the need to speak to an agent. With inbound IVR and text to speech and automated speech recognition, customers can access data automatically, increasing speed of service and lowering overhead costs.

Reduce Operational Expenses 

Noble can help you reduce long distance charges from phone carriers. If no agent is immediately available, Noble can extend the number of rings before the call is put into the queue with our patented SmartAccept feature. Phone carriers do not charge until the call is anwered, so you save on long distance fees. Line least-cost routing and skills-based routing to get callers to the most qualified agent are also available to help reduce handle times and improve cost efficiencies.

Noble Contact Center Solution


  • Priority Queuing: automatic adjustments for defined service levels
  • Supports desktops in web & Windows environments
  • Intuitive Desktop Builder tools create new scripts quickly and easily without advanced programming
  • Single Blended, Omnichannel Queue for all Media Types: voice, email, web and fax
  • Unlimited Number of Simultaneous Inbound Programs
  • Skills-based Routing: multiple skills & proficiency levels
  • Announced Queue Wait-times
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Functionality
  • Virtual Queue & Voicemail Support: messaging or call-back options
  • Dropped Call Recapture
  • Custom On-Hold Messaging by Program
  • ANI Look-Up: blocking & priority based on number called
  • DNIS Detection: flexible group-to-group rollover & multiple message options by program
  • Database Integration with Automatic Screen Pops
  • Multi-level Call Overflow
  • Internal and External Call Transfers
  • Conference Calls (multiple lines, plus call recording)
  • PBX Integration
  • Dynamic Program & Resource Management: move, add, or change programs or center resources ‘on-the-fly’
  • Remote Admin, Supervisor, & Agent Support
  • Real-time Queue Supervision & Reports: contact routing and tracking, length of time in queue, longest wait
  • SmartAccept®: dramatically shrink average speed to answer (ASA), increase service levels, and decrease telecom costs
  • And much more…




With Noble, we’ve grown our inbound call volume while average call wait times have decreased almost 30%, and agent staffing requirements have been reduced by more than half. The blending capability for inbound and outbound keeps our agents productive and helps manage the peaks and valleys of inbound volumes more efficiently.


A TOTAL INBOUND SOLUTION. Noble maximizes customer service and improves handling and efficiency for incoming customer contacts while helping you manage resources more effectively. Let us show you how it works.




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