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Improve Your Inbound Queue Management

Smart management of your inbound queue can improve the customer experience for callers. Noble helps you shrink hold times, reduce the number of dropped calls and customer hang-ups, and improve customer service.

Inbound Call Management

Noble® IVR Virtual Assistant from Noble Systems works with our Interactive Voice Response system to help you provide improved service in your inbound call queue. With IVR Virtual Assistant, you can enrich the ‘on-hold’ experience by freeing your customers from the hold queue while reserving a callback time. The system is also ideal for after-hours callback requests. IVR Virtual Assistant can help you reduce dropped calls and customer hang-ups, and achieve greater client satisfaction.

Announce Average Wait Times & Offer Automated Callbacks
  • Use the Virtual Assistant to notify callers of the average wait time
  • Offer the caller a callback, rather than remaining on hold
    – State the customer’s phone number (using ANI)
    – The caller reserves a spot in the queue with a callback request, without remaining on hold
    – When the next available agent is ready, the system automatically calls the customer back for service
    – Caller can choose to enter a different phone number or to schedule a time for the callback
Callback & After Hours Support
  • Use IVR Virtual Assistant to greet customers calling after-hours
  • Offer the customer a return call for the next day
    – Confirm the phone number used to call in or allow them to enter a different number
    – Give the customer the option to set a scheduled callback for a date & time convenient for them



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