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Improve Customer Service & Reduce Contact Center Costs

Our interactive voice response (IVR) solution offers intelligent routing and automated responses to callers in order to meet customer demands for instant information and 24/7/365 service.

Noble® IVR (interactive voice response) solution offers intelligent routing and automated responses to callers in order to meet customers’ needs for instant information and rapid service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. IVR technology with self-service features allows contact centers to enhance interaction with customers with fewer agent resources and lower costs. Noble’s IVR solution is scalable, easy to set-up, and customizable for both inbound and outbound applications.


Utilize the Power of an Integrated System

The array of capabilities and advantages offered by this tool rival stand-alone, third-party IVR systems. Basic features include touch-tone and phone tree routing, which can be linked to skills-based routing, DNIS or call overflow routing. Expanded functionality delivers the ability to replay or ‘speak’ numbers, money amounts, dates and times, etc., and can integrate with an offsite mainframe system or with our payment processing option to provide automated billing and payment services.

Increase Opportunities with Inbound & Outbound Features

The IVR can be used as both an inbound and an outbound feature. Inbound IVR can be used to gather data from callers in order to route them to the best agent to help them achieve first-call resolution. Outbound IVR applications include messaging applications, surveys, market research, and polls in which the system dials a list and plays recordings. Personalized information can be provided using text to speech. Subjects enter their responses either via the keypad or by speaking them, and the system tracks and reports the results.

Provide Personalized Service with IVR Customer Service

Offer your clients 24/7/365 access to account information, payment options and other pertinent information. Save on staff resources while giving personalized, targeted customer service with specific messages. By combining IVR customer service tools with web services and our advanced text-to-speech and speech recognition tools, your customers can even serve themselves. Connect to payment gateway providers using secure web services to support automated payment processing.

Reduce Dropped/Abandoned Calls & Improve Compliance

Keep more callers on-line by eliminating call transfers and on-hold time spent waiting for a qualified agent to assist them. IVR qualifies callers’ needs and ensures they receive the most rapid response to their questions. IVR can also be used as a part of our data security solutions to help contact centers meet the challenge of complying with industry regulations, so you can avoid costly incidents and fines.


Single Easy Set-Up with our Intuitive Menu Builder: color-coded icons, zoom in/out and expand/collapse options, highlight incoming and outgoing routes, subscript routing, language sets, and sequential actions
Unlimited Number of Prompts & Messages for Application Routing
Database & Customer Account Integration
Outbound Messaging & Survey Capabilities
Text to Speech (TTS) Ability: provide personalized messaging for customers by “speaking” information from the database
Automated Speech Recognition (ASR): allows customers to speak digits or words as menu responses rather than using the keypad
Web Services Support
Customers Can Access Information without Requiring Agent Resources: personalized account information, automated payment processing, responses to frequently questions (addresses, directions, etc.), fax-on-demand, etc.; regular callers can bypass prompts
IVR Call Recording: capture caller and any vox files or messages played during the call
Offsite Mainframe Interface Capability
Wide Array of Management Reports
Customizable & Scalable
Supports Multiple Languages
Award-Winning ‘IVR Virtual Assistant’ for Hold Queue Management & Customer Callbacks
Secure Payment options mask customer data entry for enhanced data security and personal information protection
Fully Expandable to Meet Your Specific IVR Customer Service Program Needs



From start to finish, we can create and deploy complex IVR scripts quickly, with easy to read diagrams. Noble IVR has allowed us to work with a large number of customers in a short amount of time and to expand our retention efforts quickly & easily.


USE IVR TO ENHANCE YOUR CUSTOMER INTERACTIONS. With Noble’s IVR customer service solutions, you can provide a better customer experience while reducing the reliance on agent resources. Let us show you how.




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