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Noble Systems Announces New Employee Engagement Tools to Help Contact Center Teams Stay Connected and Motivated

  • June 10, 2020
  • Atlanta, Georgia

Noble Systems Corporation continues to deliver the industry’s most complete set of solutions. With three decades of experience in innovation for the customer experience, Noble is helping companies meet an increased demand for employee engagement software and initiatives targeted at managing their most valuable resource – their employees.

As many contact center teams move to more distanced environments with more employees working from home, building a strong corporate culture and maintaining team member focus, morale, and productivity is more challenging than ever. Employee engagement platforms such as Noble Gamification can have a big impact on remote workers, helping them stay connected and performing at high levels, and allowing management to focus on achieving operational goals.

Noble Gamification software is designed to increase productivity and reduce attrition across the generational spectrum of agents within the modern-day call center by rewarding agents for meeting business goals by using challenges and competitions that earn points, recognition, and cash prizes. Noble’s Gamification solution uses game mechanics to leverage both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, encouraging agents not to just earn rewards or gain personal improvement, but to achieve both at the same time, resulting in a more desired and repeatable agent behavior.

The release of Noble Gamification 2.1 adds even more value with new Employee Performance Triggers, which allow users to quickly respond to dips in employee performance through automated call to actions that help bolster employee behaviors. Awards Redemption Analysis features for monetary and non-monetary rewards help manage costs and budgets while expanding employee recognition programs. Employee Access and Notification tools improve player management through the Noble Gamification Mobile application and push alerts.

Chris Hodges, SVP sales and marketing, comments on the recent developments: “Noble Systems has been in this business for more than thirty years. We were already seeing an increasing interest in the marketplace towards more agent-focused solutions, which has been accelerated by the events of the past few months. Even with the growth of robotic and automated technologies, agents are still the heart of the contact center, and investing in the right tools and enrichment programs to help them succeed is essential for corporate cultures. Recognizing agent achievements creates a win-win environment and helps increase agent productivity and retention, ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction.”

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