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Truly Unified Omnichannel Operations

Noble’s Omnichannel Solutions offer integrated options for multi-channel contact center solutions to support customer contact through a range of channels, meeting today’s consumer demand. This web-integration technology allows you to manage email, web, SMS, and social media contacts as efficiently as telephone calls, so you can further maximize agent resources. Contacts from all channels enter into the Noble ‘Universal Queue’ for efficient routing and handling, using skills assignments for distribution to agents. Managers can view activities, monitor sessions, and generate reports for multichannel transactions.

Prioritize Your Best Channels and Agents

Set priorities for telephone calls over e-services, and vice-versa, depending on your program goals. Plus, with Skills-Based Routing (SBR) you can ensure that customers are sent to the right agent every time, increasing first-call resolutions and building customer satisfaction.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With unified customer data you can ensure that customer records are up-to-the-second accurate, no matter which channel they choose, thereby reducing hold times and transfers. You can also connect customers with the right agent and improve first-call resolution.

Customize and Scale Your Solution as Needed

Configure your solution to your unique multi channel customer service requirements including agent location, architecture and more. Plus, with Noble it’s easy to scale up or down as you grow and manage overflow agents during peak seasons.

Enjoy Contact Blending and Universal Queues

Agent groups can be blended to handle email, SMS, social media and web with our true multi channel contact center solutions. They can also move fluidly between incoming and outgoing contacts without having to log in and out of programs.

Support Email, Web Chat, SMS & Social Channels

Omnichannel integrates directly with our ACD to provide multi-channel contact center management from a single point, and offers workflow, quality control and reporting tools. All interactions are queued, routed and managed from an intuitive, menu-driven interface, ensuring optimum efficiency and outstanding customer service. With user-defined routing, the system transfers incoming messages to the right agents, groups or departments. Groups can be designated to exclusively receive and respond to different channels, or blended to handle multiple channels, with priorities for calls over emails, SMS, etc. All incoming and outgoing customer contacts and agent responses are stored in the central Noble Database, allowing data analysis, data mining, and standard reporting capabilities. The Noble Messaging Management Console lets you manage bulk email/SMS distributions.

Noble Contact Center Solution




  • Integrate Multi Channel Customer Service into your Customer Contact Strategies
  • Provide Responsive Services for the Growing Online, On-demand Environment; Discover New Sales Leads or Service Needs Quickly
  • Fully-Integrated with Noble’s Enterprise-class Solution
  • Multi-Channel ACD with ‘Universal Queue’ & Skills-Based Routing; Define Routing & Handling Rules by Contact Channel, including Automatic Priority Escalation
  • Customizable Templates & Auto-replies for Fast Responses; Build forms to match your company branding & required contact information
  • Unified Customer Contact History & Database Integration: database stores contact details such as name, email address, mobile phone, message delivery preference, etc; auto-populate customer information in outgoing messaging
  • Sorting by sender, recipient or subject; automated replies; response templates; screen pops of customer information, spell checking and automated “CC:” features help you view and respond quickly to customer requests
  • Generate an outbound SMS based on a call result to a specific customer, or can create an outbound batch of SMS messages
  • Web Chat supports interactive messaging sessions; users can create canned messages for agents; Managers can monitor chat sessions, including coach and barge functions, and can view chat queues and report on chat activities
  • Web Callback supports contact requests, either right away or for a future time
  • Custom Development & 3rd-Party Integration for Web Co-browsing Services
  • Leverage the enterprise platform’s inherent multi channel contact center solutions capabilities to add online social interactions into your common contact center workflows and contact types
  • Compatibility with IMAP, POP3, MS Exchange, External Databases & more
  • Comprehensive, Real-time Reporting with Contact Details for all Channels




We are using Noble for multimedia processing of all inbound and outbound contact types, and we are seeing great results. Noble helps us develop our strategies for different groups. We can use SMS and Email to reach members that we can’t make contact with via phone or other methods.



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