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Improve Campaign Management and Compliance

Achieve corporate objectives for outbound calling while optimizing agent resources. And since our decisioning tools stay in sync with regulatory guidelines, you can automate and centralize campaign and policy management while ensuring compliance.

Reaching out to new and existing customers at the right time and place has never been more challenging. Noble® OnQ automates and centralizes campaign and policy management while ensuring call rule compliance. OnQ is instrumental in achieving corporate objectives for outbound calling efficiencies and effectiveness, while optimizing agent resources. With a ten-year record of delivering innovation in call center operations, OnQ is the solution of choice for lowering your cost to contact and improving contact tracking.


Precision Tools for Campaign Management & Strategy Execution with the Flexibility to Meet Daily Demands

Technological advances offer an expanding selection of ways to interact with a business, and customers expect to be contacted over their preferred channel for each type of communication. At the same time governments and courts at all levels are racing to keep up and imposing new restrictions on the number, frequency and types of proactive contacts organizations can make.

Today’s collection, sales and customer service campaigns rely on both agent-based contacts and agentless channels to optimize results. A central point for campaign administration is critical to coordinate messaging with live calling efforts and to manage limits on contacts within and across each channel to ensure compliance. By leveraging proven processes with technology and automation, you can centralize list and campaign management while you execute advanced contact strategies, enhancing your overall campaign performance.

Our patented OnQ solution automates and centralizes campaign and policy management while ensuring call rule compliance. OnQ is instrumental in achieving corporate objectives for outbound contact efficiencies and effectiveness while optimizing agent resources. With a ten-year record of delivering innovation in contact center operations, OnQ is the solution of choice for lowering your cost per contact and improving agent effectiveness.

  • Centralize Campaign Management
    Improve program effectiveness by managing business logic and dialing strategies for all channels in one location, including voice and text messaging.
  • Effective List Penetration
    Leverage contact strategies based on segmentation rules to deliver optimal penetration rates while maintaining overall dialer efficiencies.
  • Call the Right Number at the Right Time
    Apply the best strategy to each campaign, improving conversion rates and overall agent productivity.



Improved Efficiencies – Doing More with Less

Optimal Call List Management – OnQ resides upstream from your dialers and holds all of the day’s contact lists. It primes each campaign with a few accounts to start the day, the sends small batches of accounts to replenish each list. This allows the flexibility to modify the strategy mid-day without having to stop and start the campaign.
Campaign Control – Get precise control over intensity levels by allowing users to share multiple lists within the same campaign. The ratio of contacts made can be managed in increments of a single percent. This lets you maintain efficient scale for your campaigns while applying a unique treatment to each part of the list.
Workload Balancing – Share work across systems, leveraging available resources wherever they are located. When a dialer fails or a center closes, work can be instantly shifted, keeping all accounts in play. Agents spend less time waiting for calls and more time talking to customers.
Strategy Scheduling – Users can easily create sophisticated, account-level contact rotation and recall handling strategies. Strategies can be scheduled by hour of the day. Rules can be applied that place limits both on the number of calls made and the phone number rotation sequence, resulting in maximum Right-Party-Contacts.
Strategy Testing and Validation – Bias-free Champion/ Challenger testing to test new strategies against each other to determine which performs better prior to implementing in production. This is a “true” comparison – lists are called by the same agents, in the same campaign, at the same days and times – with only the strategy you are testing left to vary between the lists.
Compliance Enforcement – Manage list segmentation, campaign strategy, phone rotation, call limitations, etc, across all of your systems to simplify the deployment of new strategies while ensuring compliance with regulatory and corporate policy constraints.

Next-Generation Campaign Management

Campaign Automation with Intraday Adjustment – Schedule an entire week’s campaigns in advance and watch them run. Apply new strategies and quickly shift work between campaigns in real time. Change the treatment of records throughout the day based on account-level variables and call history, without any interruptions to dialing. Filter accounts from one campaign to another mid-day. Customize the action taken after each call result to effectively manage state-specific calling restrictions.
Multi-dialer Support – Connect a single instance of OnQ and share work across different dialer brands and versions.
Multi-channel Communication Support – Implement sophisticated customer communication strategies that leverage multiple devices and channels including voice, text/SMS and email.
Time Zone Targeting – Create and schedule strategies that target specific time zones by hour of the day, for fixed or customer-local time zones.
File Pre-Processing – Connect to an external database and pull in supplemental record-level variables to enhance list segmentation based on additional credit bureau attributes, call history, DNC lists, etc. Update fields on each account to remove duplicate phone numbers or create calculated fields such as over limit percentage.
Append / Purge Accounts – Load accounts dynamically during the day and purge them after one or more days of dialing.
Robust Reporting – Track campaign performance as well as activity on individual accounts and phone numbers. Create custom reports against OnQ’s open database to meet your business requirements.



The results from OnQ have been impressive. Our agent occupancy rates increased to what we feel are the optimal productivity rate. We have greatly simplified how we manage outbound activity, realized productivity gains beyond our expectations and improved the customer experience.


POWERFUL POLICY AND COMPLANCE MANAGEMENT. Automates and improves strategy. Dynamically routes records. Centralizes compliance. Let us show you how it works.






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