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Increase the Productivity of Your Outbound Campaigns

Get the power to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your outbound campaigns. No matter whether your campaign goals are customer acquisition, collections, growth, retention or something else, we can help you get to your goals quickly and efficiently.

Noble® Outbound automates, organizes, and manages your calling and multichannel campaigns and resources, enabling you to build productivity and increase outbound volume. The Noble Outbound predictive dialer and contact manager is a full-featured outbound contact solution delivering call management, list control, and workflow management, with an integrated robust, industrial strength database. Our contact management software provides complete reporting, monitoring, and supervision control that helps you view real-time activities, measure results, and manage your operations more effectively.


Depend on System Reliability & Intelligence

Noble’s reliability and support keeps your center operational around the clock. Customer data is captured and stored in a robust, industrial strength database, giving you the information and content you need to drive your customer contact programs. On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) updates the database in real-time for efficient program management. Built-in, automated system checks and responsive support provide proactive problem-solving and reduces downtime for maintenance issues.

Customize a Solution for Your Business Needs

The Noble Solution is custom-configured and designed to meet the day-to-day requirements of your operations, allowing you to easily manage events and quickly adapt to the dynamic and constantly changing needs of your call center. With a variety of solution enhancements, the predictive dialing solution can be expanded to include inbound and blended programs, with additional tools for IVR, digital recording, messaging, email and web capabilities, payment processing and more.

Improve Quality & Accuracy

Monitoring capabilities give you supervisory control and allow you to observe agents, ensuring quality and accuracy. Busy/disconnect/no answer screening, answering machine detection with 98% accuracy, SIT tone recognition, and ‘tele-zapper-proofing are just some of the features included in our platform. With Noble, you eliminate manual dialing errors, provide your callers with immediate and personal service, and create a truly efficient call center that maximizes your agent productivity.

Take Advantage of Legislative Compliance Tools

Noble delivers a full set of tools to help contact centers meet the challenge of complying with industry regulations. Time zone controls, abandonment rates, Do Not Call List management with real-time screening, ANI broadcasting, wireless dialing and consent management, and complete reporting features make it easy to comply with legal guidelines, so you can avoid costly fines.

Noble Contact Center Solutions



Intuitive Desktop Builder tools create new scripts quickly and easily without advanced programming
Flexible desktops with point-and-click navigation and easy access to call tools, assignable by campaign
Voice, Busy, Disconnect & No Answer Detect, Answering Machine Detect with Automated Messaging Ability
Busy, Disconnect & No Answer Detect
Variable Call Pacing: 8 user-defined methods
Dropped Call Retrieval
Database Screen Pops
Manage 1,000+ in-production outbound groups simultaneously
Conference Calls: up to three lines, plus call recording
Internal & External Call Transfers
Agent Callback Scheduling
Personal Script Announcements: pre-record unlimited number of agent messages to play in any order during call (bridge greetings, legal disclosures, etc)
Floating Agent & Manager Stations
Remote Agents
Multisite Networking
Auto-Scheduled List Dialing
Multiple lines per agent
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Agent Monitoring & Coaching: side-by-side and remote; listen, coach & barge modes with Noble Station Mirroring
Real-time Reporting & Exception Notifications: agents, groups, lists, & campaigns
Do Not Call List Management, Time zone & Calling Hour Controls, Wireless Dialing Management
Agent Hours Tracking for Payroll
Noble Guardian: automated system diagnostics
Seamless Integration with the Noble ACD
3rd party Switch Integration
Multichannel Contact Management: manage voice, email, SMS, and web contacts in a single queue (email, SMS and web require additional software)
And much more…




After implementing the Noble solution we saw a 250-300% increase in productivity, and projects that used to take a month are now completed in about a week. Noble is far superior to the other products on the market. It is simply easier, faster and more cost effective for the benefits we receive.

Outbound Platform


A COMPREHENSIVE OUTBOUND SOLUTION. Our outbound platform is a full-featured contact center tool that automates, organizes and manages your outbound campaigns and resources so you can increase productivity and improve efficiency. Let us show you how it works.





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