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Automatically record agent audio and screen actions to monitor performance and meet quality assurance, compliance, verification and training needs.

Noble® Recorder captures your agent interactions and organizes the files for convenient storage so that you can retrieve a high-quality online record within seconds (and an archived record within minutes). You save administrative time by simply keying in a log number for instant playback. And that’s just the beginning. Integrated Quality Assurance features – including Screen Capture and Scorecards – help you build quality management and training programs. Use it with Speech Analytics tools to further improve service and compliance. Reduce your costs even further by using Recorder for in-house verifications, removing your dependency on third-party services.


Minimize Wrap Time & Improve Recording Accuracy

Digital recording reduces agent ‘wrap time’, so agents can move on to other calls immediately. The Noble Recorder option also removes the potential for human recording errors, such as incorrect tape labeling and failure to turn the recorder on or off by automatically starting and stopping recordings and assigning log numbers for storage. Call recording also offers an additional tool for monitoring, and training purposes.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Eliminate the time and administrative costs of manually filing and maintaining recordings. Instant on-line retrieval, tagging to quickly identify critical information, and automated archiving rules further extend your time and money savings with streamlined processes. Recorder also allows you to perform verifications in-house, with immediate access to information, decreasing your outsourcing expenses.

Protect Your Business & Your Transactions

Recording transactions protects your company and your clients. Whether required by law or corporate policy, files can be reviewed instantly with the customer to verify what was said. Noble Recorder keeps a verbatim record that can be used to resolve conflicts and clarify possible confusion.

Create Quality Management Programs for Added Quality Assurance

Noble Recorder is the foundation of the Noble QA module, enabling managers to build quality management programs. QA Agents can be assigned to any station, or stations can be setup as dedicated QA stations in high-production environments. Audio recordings can be used to allow QA agents to listen to a call, as well as to view the agent’s screen with Screen Capture. Recordings can be reviewed automatically for quality scoring, based on user defined sampling criteria. Add post-call screening with speech analytics to find trends, streamline workflows, and see where training is needed.

Call Center Agent Metrics


Digital Storage of Call Audio for Quality Playback
Screen Capture to Verify Information & Improve Agent Workflows
Fast Forward, Rewind, & Unlimited or Defined Playback Functions
Synchronized Voice & Video Playback
Omnichannel Contact Capture for email, webchat
Instant Access & Retrieval
Internal / External Record Retrieval
Supervisor Monitoring (including via Remote Access)
Record Security
Optional Voice/Video Archival Server (VAS) & DVD Available for Expanded Storage
Historical File Maintenance / Archival Capacity
File Protection with Back-up Options
Add-On Quality Management options for automated review by QA Agents based on user-defined sample criteria
– Dedicated or Flexible QA Stations
– Review Transactions for both Voice & Data
– QA Results Codes for Call Scoring
– Monitoring Results Automatically Sent to Managers
Line-side or Stereo Recording: record both sides of the call or retain only the agent-side recording for dual-consent states

*Some functionalities may require separate licensing or professional services.



Recording is vital for rep training and quality control programs. Letting agents access and review their recordings and scores is an extremely helpful feature. We can quickly validate all calls for completeness, compliance and quality. It delivers actionable insights that enable us to drive the right agent behaviors.


AN AUTOMATED, DIGITAL APPROACH TO AGENT MONITORING. Digital recording allows you to capture, organize and store recordings for easy retrieval and review while eliminating the cost and hassle of managing external devices. Let us show you how.

Agent Monitoring



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