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Make More Informed Decisions with Better Insight into Critical KPIs & Results

Noble’s robust reporting tools give you the power to set goals and monitor agent and center performance against those goals. Our advanced reporting tools offer real-time activity views, summary and drill-down data, and historical results reporting, with standard libraries and custom queries – all with mobile accessibility for management anywhere, anytime.

Noble® Reports deliver a complete package of real-time, online tools for managing programs and reporting on current activities and results and historical data, giving you the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions, direct call activities and meet business objectives. Noble’s intuitive, advanced reporting & management portal makes it easy to quickly generate and view reports from our standard library, as well as to create customized queries.


Monitor Activities with Accurate, Real-time Reports

Manage your applications with graphs, charts and database reports created from real-time information. Noble’s reporting features allow you to analyze your programs and identify trends, successes or bottlenecks based on criteria such as agent status, statistics, and application summary data. Statistics are available for both current and historical data, and can be displayed in both summary and detail views. A library of standard reports is available on agents, inbound and outbound programs, call history and callbacks, applications, lists, IVR, recordings, and QA. Or, you can build custom reports with our query-by-example tools.

Manage Programs In an Intuitive, Friendly Environment

Noble makes it easy for managers to view activities and see performance results with an intuitive user interface. The system utilizes point-and-click tools and drop-down menus for streamlined navigation so that new users can learn the system quickly. Customizable user menus let you create a personalized management desktop with quick links to the tools that you use the most. And, managers can log-in from any station on the Noble platform to access the system’s features and reports.

Review Agent Results & Lists for Quality

Summary screens show all agents or specific agents, complete with call status, call length, pause time, connected time, etc, for efficient monitoring and supervisory control. List details, including list status, number of records and call dispositions, can be reviewed to determine list penetration and effectiveness. QA questionnaires and scoring let you setup and conduct your own quality assurance programs.

Share Performance Statistics & Database Info

Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, or sent via email to keep your managers and clients informed of activities and results. Our flexible architecture allows users to export information to other open database compliant packages (Microsoft Access and Excel, Crystal Reports, etc) via ODBC, web services, and more.

Keep Informed Anywhere with Mobile Access

Noble’s web-based tools allow you to view real-time reports and manage programs without being tied to a desk. Whether your managers are on the floor or working from a remote site, they can stay informed on who is doing what, view performance statistics and program results, and identify successes or areas for improvement – all with the ease of use and intuitive tools that are hallmarks of the Noble management portals. Using mobile devices, including laptops, smart phones, desktops and handheld appliances (including iOS® , Android® ,Windows® or Linux® devices), our ‘browser agnostic’ design works with virtually any major browser application (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc) to connect contact center managers to their Enterprise contact center platform.


Comprehensive Library of Standard Reports:
– omnichannel inbound & outbound reports
– agent reports
– contact, history & callback reports
– campaign reports
– IVR statistics reports
– QA & recording reports
– analytics reports
– list reports
– trunk & line reports
Custom Queries for On-Demand Reporting: any field within the database can be queried for custom reporting
On-line Statistics for At-a-Glance Management: results by agent, group, list, or application
Point-and-Click Access for Easy Navigation & Short Learning Curve: quickly access administration features, on-line management tools, reports, & system maintenance functions
Real-Time Exception Reporting: automated alerts based on your defined parameters with desktop, email & messaging notifications
Remote Manager Access: log-in to run reports and manage programs from virtually anywhere
Report Scheduler: automatically run reports at specified times and intervals; the Scheduler emails the report results when it runs the report and has the option of posting the report to a static location
Report Archive: access previously run reports, which are stored for the term specified when the report is created
Multi-Site Networking: manage distributed sites, consolidate data, & integrate with Noble RAS for data archiving
Data Sharing: export data in a variety of formats (Access, Excel, Crystal, etc) via ODBC, web services, and more, for integration with other systems




From a management perspective, Noble’s real-time reporting is very beneficial for viewing activities and analyzing results and performance for agents, contacts, lists, programs, and more. We can see how programs are performing and identify where we need to make changes. Being able to schedule reports to automatically run and distribute is also very helpful.


ENJOY BETTER INSIGHTS & IMPROVE DECISION MAKING TO ACHIEVE BETTER RESULTS. Noble Reports provides a comprehensive set of solutions so you get the critical information you need to help keep your operations running smoothly and optimize agent productivity. Let us show you howit works.



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