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Protecting sensitive customer data is sometimes at odds with monitoring agent performance and managing quality through recording and analytics. Noble Systems helps you do both, without sacrificing data privacy or your QA goals.

Securing your customers’ private information is critical, and improving data security is a leading initiative throughout the industry. Consumers want to know that the companies they do business with are safeguarding their sensitive data. Noble® Secure Payment Assist utilizes Noble’s patented technologies for agent-assisted transactions to help you manage payments in a protected environment. Using automated tools with touch-tone and data masking, SPA can help your organization eliminate PCI scope*, reduce the risk of fraud and theft, lower costs, improve agent workflows, and create a better customer experience.


Noble Secure Payment Assist uses our advanced Agent workflow and IVR tools to create a simple, collaborative process between the customer and the agent. Workflows and payment scripts are fully customizable.

  • Agent provides the required business data into the payment transaction.
  • Caller provides the card data required via touchtone keypad.
  • As the payment takes place, the customer’s sensitive card data:
    … is never entered into the Noble Solution database
    … is never heard by the agent
    … is never viewed by the agent
    … is never part of the voice or screen recording
  • Agent is always connected to the customer and follows the payment progress with your payment provider in real-time, available throughout the call to provide assistance if needed. If preferred, an IVR script can be used to gather the information while the agent remains on the line.
  • Upon completion of the transaction, the customer and the agent can resume the conversation.


Noble Secure Payment Assist safeguards your customers’ sensitive credit card information with protected, agent-assisted transactions, so you can manage PCI Compliance and reduce risks, while improving the customer experience.

*Noble SPA can help meet PCI-DSS Compliance and data security requirements when used as a part of an organization’s overall compliance practices. It is not a stand-alone PCI-Certified product, and companies must complete an independent PCI-DSS certification process by a certified auditor.



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