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Optimize Staffing & Improve Service Levels

Maximize the efficiency of your contact center and meet/exceed customer expectations with Workforce Engagement tools that help you accurately forecast workloads, match the right resources to your needs, and keep agents motivated.

Noble® ShiftTrack WFM is a comprehensive workforce planning system that can accurately forecast call volumes, leverage flexible scheduling processes, integrate with other corporate systems, produce reports that measure agent and center performance, and increase agent engagement. ShiftTrack provides a powerful, robust, and affordable solution that is easy to deploy for centers of all sizes, with dynamic features and world-class technology that automates every facet of the workforce management experience, giving you the tools you need to succeed in an increasingly complex environment.


Create Forecasts & Optimize Staffing Schedules

Gain visibility into your data and make more proactive and knowledgeable scheduling decisions. The system analyzes agent work history data from your Noble ACD (or other system) to calculate an accurate forecast for future inbound call volumes, outbound calling lists, agent requirements, and average handling and call times for any time interval of the day. The built-in Simulator engine generates staffing schedules based on all call types and routing rules using a range of factors, including agent availability, work rules, skills, holidays, breaks, service level goals, and budgets. Agent rankings are adjusted dynamically for on-going performance to help you staff the best agents at critical times.

Manage Schedules More Efficiently

View staffing schedules quickly and easily with the graphical agent roster. Drag and drop breaks, lunches, meetings, and other changes to agent schedules for instant real-time updates. Track agent status and compare planned versus actual activities throughout the day to see who is adhering to their schedules. Out of adherence alerts help you reduce shrinkage. The exception planner simplifies scheduling time-off, meetings, and training sessions with a color-coded availability calendar, so managers can handle requests while ensuring that the center is staffed to meet service levels.

Improve Communication for Agents & Managers

Take advantage of the web-based portal to allow agents to instantly check their schedules and communicate with supervisors to streamline scheduling. Agents can take charge of their work and time off by viewing, bidding and requesting schedule changes online. Supervisors receive the information and can run reports to see what effect the changes will make on staffing and forecasting to make quick decisions, saving them time so they can focus on more critical tasks. Agents are automatically notified when their requests are approved or denied.

Capture & Analyze Critical Contact Center Data

Track activities and performance in all areas of the contact center to make informed decisions regarding operational changes that can have a profound impact on your business. You can generate reports on all agent activities, including adherence to schedules and key performance indicators, and monitor center-level performance to see how the center is handling call volume, achieving inbound service level and outbound contacts goals, and managing costs and revenue. Noble WFM automatically gathers information on your Noble agents for use in scheduling, including agent information, skills, and rankings, as well as sharing historical data for forecasting.


Exception Planning: schedule meetings, training & time-off
• Personal, vacation, sick, or holiday time, plus meetings and training
• Real-time, color-coded summary of agent time off
• Graphical Availability Calendar to see affects of exceptions
• Setup Rules to match skills with shift availability
• Point-and-click to add or remove agents from meetings
Real-Time Schedule Adherence
• Agent Status Monitoring + Instant Alerts for out-of-adherence states
• Forecasted versus Actual Center Statistics
Reporting & Performance Management
• Scheduled vs actual, adherence & KPI performance statistics
• Reporting on overall efficiency, volume, service levels, skill staffing, etc.
• Graphical Reports for true visibility into your operation & workforce
Data sharing with Noble Composer, Harmony and Maestro (or 3rd-party systems) for historical data, volumes, agent details, skills, adherence, etc
Quick Deployment, Highly-Configurable for System Integration
Shift Bidding: create shift bidding templates with location, qualifications, number of staff required, and notes, and publish to staff for bidding; managers can review bids to see ranking and priority for each staff member
Overtime Publishing: configure overtime slots with date, qualifications, number of slots, and rules for eligibility and publish for agents to bid on slots; managers can review applications, see who has been allocated overtime and block staff from applying for overtime



We have reduced administrative hours by 75%; we used to spend 20 hours a week tracking agent activity and call volume trends; now, we spend only 5 hours. We reduced costs in a matter of days and can produce budgets with costing of all forecasted agent shifts. This has increased profitability by 20% in just a few months.


A COMPREHENSIVE WORKFORCE ENGAGEMENT SYSTEM. More than just scheduling agents and tracking shifts, ShiftTrack optimizes labor costs, manages capacity more effectively and improves service levels. Let us show you how.






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